How can I plan a Trip to Chardham Yatra by Helicopter 2021?

Chardham Yatra, one of the most acclaimed pilgrimages of Hindus attract millions of devotees towards itself as it happens to be the staircase leading you to the steps closer to salvation. This divine Yatra consists of a set of four holy shrines namely Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri, and Gangotri where all are established at great heights and at insane location, hence CharDham Yatra by helicopter tour package is a great opportunity.

Many years back a devotee had to cover the challenging trekking trails and also had to cover long distances on barefoot but now the situation has been changed. Earlier, this spiritual journey was limited to physically fit and young people but after the initiation of CharDham Yatra by helicopter, the pilgrimage has become easily accessible to the pilgrims of every age.

So, if you are looking for a spiritual travel plan this year then check out our beautifully crafted Char dham Yatra by helicopter tour packages and plan for a memorable journey amidst the Himalayas. Those who are planning for CharDham Yatra 2021 by helicopter and are wondering how to do and who to rely on for the booking shall keep on reading this post to get proper information.

Keep scrolling down the pages to acquire all the necessary and authentic information about the helicopter services for Char Dham Yatra, Do Dham Yatra (Badri- Kedar and Yamunotri- Gangotri), and also for Ek Dham Yatra. The article enlists answers of each and every question that run in your mind about the chopper services.

Why Should You Opt For This Service?

Helicopter facility doesn’t only make your journey easier and convenient but also is a boon for those who are willing to cover this holy Yatra but are pressed with hectic schedule and also for such personalities who are unable to undertake this strenuous road journeys. Visiting the holy pilgrimages of the circuit by chopper lets you complete the Yatra in the shortest span of time along with offering you a never had spiritual experience.

Additionally, the pilgrimages being tucked at great locations offer the devotees with unparalleled and incredible beauty of the mountains. Hence, capturing the beautiful glimpses of the majestic mountains from a huge height is quite worthy to cherish you for many great years ahead.

What Are The Advantages Of CharDham Yatra By Helicopter?

There are many perks and benefits of covering this divine Yatra by helicopter and only a few of them are enlisted below.

  • The foremost advantage of chopper service is that it saves your lot of time and has been proved as a boon for those who cover the journey with a tight schedule.
  • It happens to be one of the most convenient and an easy going mode of transport to explore the shrines of the circuit and very helpful for those who are suffering from any physical ailment or are senior citizens.
  • A perfect opportunity to capture some amazing views of the mountains from an aerial distance.

Disadvantages of CharDham Yatra by Helicopter

We can’t count it as a disadvantage but yes it can be said that people think before opting for chopper service as it is a bit economical as compared to the traditional mode of transport. But, spending such amount is pretty worthy as it saves your lot of time along with offering a new traveling experience.

The cost of Char DhamYatra by helicopter ticket is a bit high but provides you many facilities, so if budget is not your concern then you must go for it.

Companies Offering Heli Services for Char Dham Yatra

Chota Char Dham - Chardham Yatra by Helicopter
Chota Char Dham

There are a number of tour operators (both public and private) competing in the traveling sector and offering Heli services and many of them provide their services according to the number of sites you wish to explore. Also, if you don’t have any issue with budget and want to enjoy charter plane facility then you can contact a reputed and trustworthy travel company to avail charter plane services.

Below enlisted are few of the most trusted and reputed Heli service providers of Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand.

  1. Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd
  2. Pawan Hans
  3. Heritage Aviation
  4. Jet Tech Aviation
  5. Himalayan Heli
  6. UTair India Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Aryan Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
  8. Summit Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

From Which Place Does Your Helicopter Tour Starts?

The aerial journey commences from Sahastradhara helipad in Dehradun and to board the flight one has to reach early morning as the very first flight commences at 7 am.

How to Book Helicopter tickets for Char Dham Yatra 2021?

As mentioned above, both private agencies and government provides Heli services for this divine Yatra and it completely depends on you who to rely on for your trip. If you are planning to book your tickets from Uttarakhand government then the bookings can only be done by visiting the official website of the state government or you can also visit the local centers set up by the government.

Secondly, if you are looking for private companies then reach out to the most trusted and reputed tour operator. Namaste India Trip Pvt. Ltd. also arranges helicopter tickets for their clients and so far has been very much successful in making their journey easier and memorable. We provide you helicopter tour packages for Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri, and Gangotri.

The packages are inclusive of every basic amenities that you need to make your journey lifelong memorable. Great transportation services, best and hygienic food, cozy and comfortable stay, etc. are our inclusions and for more information you can contact our travel executives.

What All Do You Need For Helicopter Tickets Booking?

You need to submit certain documents including a valid ID proof like Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Passport, etc. when you go for ticket booking. Also, you need to show your medical report before you start your journey as physically unwell travelers will not be allowed to carry forward their journey.

Travel Tips for CharDham Yatra by Helicopter

There are certain terms and conditions that you need to follow while traveling in helicopter and a few of the most important ones are listed below.

  • Don’t carry suitcase as there is a limited space for luggage in the chopper and your baggage must not be more than 5kg in weight.
  • Carry enough cash with you as don’t find ATMs everywhere on your tour.
  • Do not forget to carry a valid ID proof along with tickets.
  • Be ready to face the situation of flight cancellation or delay in flight as the weather is not consistent at higher altitudes and it is not possible to fly helicopter during unfavorable climatic conditions.
  • Also, you are strictly advised to carry woolens with you as the destinations witness cold weather in every season so in order to stay fit and healthy follow this piece of advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if we want an exclusive helicopter tour and don’t want to share our ride?

Ans- Certainly you can do this! But for availing yourself with the exclusive helicopter ride you need to pay the entire amount earned by the operator for one helicopter ride i.e. you will have to pay for 7 tickets in total.

Q. How to protect ourselves from fraud bookings?

Ans- For this you definitely need to be very much vigilant and wise as there are many companies claiming to offer you helicopter rides at low rates but you need to be wise and don’t get trapped. Always seek the help of reputed and trustworthy Heli services providers for your journey.

We believe that the article is compiled of every piece of information needed to know for your CharDham Yatra by helicopter. If you are still confused and want to know something more then write down your query in the comment section below and we will surely respond you ASAP.

CharDham Yatra by helicopter

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