All About Best Trekking in India, Complete Travel Guide 2020

“ To walk in nature Is to witness A thousand miracles ”

In this article, we will discuss everything about trekking in India, so that whenever you attempt it, you can enjoy it to the fullest.

For every nature, lover trekking must be a point for intense passion. Trekking takes us very close to natural landscapes. You also will get unique experiences on every trekking journey. Trekking in India has been so popular for many years as India is full of several beautiful trekking destinations. Valleys, mountains, meadows, waterfalls, you will see everything while trekking in India. You will get the chance to explore every natural beauty.

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Indian trekking is very popular throughout the world for its excellent trekking destinations. Trekkers from the distant corner of the world come to India to get the outstanding experience of trekking in India. North Indian or the Himalayan trekking destinations seem to be a paradise for trekkers. Some popular trekking destinations of India are Himachal, Ladakh, Gharwal, and Sikkim.

Himalayan regions are considered as the best trekking destinations in India throughout the world. If you are a trekking enthusiast, you would know that the Himalayan foothills are perfect for trekking, hiking, and camping. Trekking in the Himalayan region is so popular for its scenic beauties and to experience the different and exciting adventures of nature one must attempt for Indian trekking.

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Which is the best trek in India?

Being a country full of diversity, in India, you will find several beautiful trekking destinations that you should attempt for. The best destinations for trekking in India include;

Chadar, the frozen Zanskar river trek

It is an excellent trekking destination with beautiful winter terrain. During this trek, you will get a glimpse of the ancient culture of the Ladakh region. For experienced trekkers, it is a perfect Indian trekking destination. Bone-chilling winds, icy routes, and the pristine nature will surely give the trekkers an amazing experience for the lifetime.

Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh

Markha valley trek is very popular in the Ladakh region. On this trek, you will trek through several terrains that include streams, small villages, and dry mountains. Here you also will get a glimpse of several monasteries that are signs of the Tibetan culture. The beautiful scenes of this trekking will be stored in your memory for a lifetime.

Roopkund trek

When you are planning for trekking in India, your trekking journey will be incomplete without Roopkund Trek. The Roopkund Trek is famous for the famous Roopkund lake. Trekking to the Roopkund lake will take you through the beautiful forests and gushing rivers below. The lush greenery, flat plains, Himalayan peaks, and Hindu temples everything will make the Roopkund trek memorable.

Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers trek is also a mandatory part of the Indian trekking and one of the best trekking destinations in India. It is located in the Himalayan region at an altitude of 3658 meters. This spectacular trekking destination is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Here you will see the valley full of beautiful flowers and the surrounding natural beauties. This trekking destination also seems to be a heaven to the visitors’ eyes.

Nanda Devi trek

Nanda Devi trek is a very popular trekking destination situated in the Garhwal region of India. Here you will witness the Nanda Devi national park that houses the unique Himalayan flora and fauna. During the Nanda Devi trek, you will trek through the Himalayan foothills and several rivers, glaciers, and streams. Here also you will witness the pristine beauty of nature that attracts thousands of trekkers all over the world.

Apart from the above-described treks, there are several other trekking destinations in India like Gangotri Gomukh trek, Kuari Tapovan trek, Goecha La Trek, Dodital trek and many more.

Which is the best trekking company in India?

When it is about trekking in India, there are a lot of trekking companies, who arrange your trek with complete safety as per your requirements. Snow Leopard Adventures, Thrillophilia, Trek the Himalayas, Adventure nation, India trekking tours, Indian summits, Trek Munk are some popular trekking companies in India, that arrange the complete trekking for trekking enthusiasts.

Which is the most difficult trekking in India?

Some of the most difficult treks in India are considered the treks in Himachal, Uttarakhand, and in Ladakh. The craggy peaks, steep mountains, windy high altitude passes make these regions as the most difficult trekking regions in India. Chadar Trek, Pin Parvati trek, Roopkund trek, Rupin Pass trek, Goecha La and Dzongri trek are considered the most difficult treks in India.

How do you go on trekking?

When you plan for trekking, the basic requirements are mental and physical preparation. Your trekking enthusiasm will surely increase your willpower for trekking. For physical preparation, there are several steps that you have to follow.

First, you have to build stamina when you plan for any trekking. You have to make your legs strong and steady. For building stamina, you can start by practicing morning walks, or jogging. If you are in the gym already, you have to practice a lot of cardio exercises to increase your stamina level. Also, practice walking with weight as during trekking you have to carry your backpack.

Secondly, you must quit smoking as high altitudes and smoking does not go hand in hand. When you will trekking the high mountains, you surely want your lungs to perform at its best. By quitting smoking your lungs will surely work better. You will face less difficulty on high altitude trekkings. If you quit smoking, your trek will be much more worthwhile.

To be fit enough before going for a trek you can include these following tips in your daily routine.

  • Walk 5 to 6 kilometers regularly to build stamina.
  • Try to cover a distance of 1.5 kilometers within 20 minutes.
  • Practice jogging.
  • Practice squats.
  • Practice breathing exercises.
  • Practice back and shoulder exercises.

Apart from mental and health preparation, there are some last-minute tips that you may follow;

  • Distribute the load among team members.
  • Carry a stick.
  • Drink water in small amounts.
  • Keep some candies.
  • You may carry cards or frisbee to have some fun during the intervals.
  • Take layered clothing.
  • Pack light.
  • Pack trekking shoes.
  • Keep re-fueling.

What is easy trekking?

Trekking is a type of adventurous travel that involves visiting remote areas, and overnight lodging in tents or other minimal accommodation. It is arduous than hiking and more arduous than walking. Indian trekking destinations are difficult enough. Still there you will find some easy and moderate trekking destinations. In easy treks, the trekking trails will not be steep and there will be some ups and downs. You can complete the easy trekkings with less difficulty.

Is Roopkund trek tough?

Roopkund trek is a very popular trekking destination in Indian trekking destinations. If you are planning for an Indian trekking tour, then you can’t miss the Roopkund trek. Roopkund is situated at a high altitude. So, naturally, the difficulty level is also high. For beginners, Roopkund trek is going to be a very difficult trek and they face a lot of difficulty during the trek. But after reaching Roopkund your effort will appear worthy for sure.

Is Kedarnath trek difficult?

Kedarnath is a majestic trekking destination of Uttarakhand. It’s a popular winter trekking destination. The difficulty level of Kedarnath trek falls between easy to moderate. People up to 60 years can attempt this trek if they are physically fit. If you are planning this trek in winter, you have to be aware while climbing as during the climbing becomes a bit difficult.

How can you reach Hampta from Manali?

Hampta Pass trek is a very popular trekking destination in India. Hampta Pass is easily accessible by rail, air, and road from Manali. You can take a flight from Bhuntur airport, that is located within a distance of 52 kilometers from Manali to reach Hampta. The Bhuntur Airport is well connected with major cities like Chandigarh and New Delhi.

Apart from the airway, if you choose to travel by road, you can reach Hampta pass via Manali. Also, regular bus facilities are available from Delhi to Manali. After reaching Manali you have to drive to Jobri via Prini to reach Hampta Pass.

Is Stok Kangri dangerous?

Stok Kangri is very difficult as this place is situated at an altitude of 20,000 feet. This trek seems to be very difficult for the high altitude and the cold snowy conditions. The Stok Kangri trail gets altitude rapidly. This trek is difficult enough. During this trek, a person at 16,000 feet altitude may start developing symptoms of AMS. This situation can be potentially fatal if immediate action is not taken.

Why trekking is important?

Only trekking enthusiasts can tell the reasons behind their love for trekking. But if you are planning a trekking trip for the first time then the trekking journey will surely make you fall in love with trekking. There are several reasons behind it;

  • On trekking, you will witness the beauties of nature at its closest.
  • You can spend quality time in the lap of nature.
  • You can rejuvenate your mind and body by going on trekking.
  • On trekking, you will learn to live a practical life.
  • The best part is that you will gather knowledge of several cultures and regions.

What are the benefits of trekking?

Trekking has several benefits, hence trekking lovers attempt trekking tours again and again. From quiet moments of self-reflection, nature love, mental peace, physical fitness; trekking provides everything. There are multiple benefits of trekking that include;

  • Trekking reduces stress.
  • It improves mental and physical fitness.
  • It improves cardiovascular strength.
  • It provides knowledge about various societies and cultures.
  • It improves bonding with people.
  • It improves mental focus and concentration.
  • Trekking provides the best acquaintance with nature.

Is Kedarnath trekking easy?

Kedarnath trekking is considered as one of the riskiest treks in India. In 2013 after the disaster happened the Government has restricted the number of people for this route to 1500 daily. But presently, this trek has been safe under the governance of the Indian Government. If you are planning for trekking in India, don’t skip the Kedarnath trekking.

How long is Kedarnath Trek?

The trekking route to Kedarnath for the first 7 kilometers is gradual but after Rambara the trekking route is steep for the next 7 kilometers. The last 3 kilometers distance goes up and down gradually. A normal person needs around 7 hours to reach Kedarnath from Gaurikund.

Is Kedarnath trek safe?

As Kedarnath is a pilgrimage site, it generally flocked with tourists during the Yatra season every year. If you are planning a trek to Kedarnath, you should be aware of your belongings. Under the governance of the Indian Government, Kedarnath trekking has been much safer than before. Still, it is recommended not to plan a trek in Monsoon.

Can you stay at Kedarnath?

In comparison with other Indian trekking destinations, Kedarnath is a remote location. So, there you will not get many accommodation options in Kedarnath. But you can stay in hotels in several places like Gaurikund, Guptkasthi, Sonprayag, Sitapur, Rampur, etc.

How much does it cost to walk in Kedarnath?

During Kedarnath trekking, you will get several facilities like Kandi service, Palki service, etc. You can get the Palki service from Gaurikund to Kedarnath and it will cost approximately 4,450 INR. If you will get the Kandi service, you have to pay around 3,350 INR. And for pony service, you have to pay around 4,100 INR.

What is the best time to visit Kedarnath?

Summer is considered the best time to visit Kedarnath. During summers the minimum temperature is 5 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is 18-degree Celsius. During the summer, you also can visit the temples.

What is the difference between trekking and hiking?

  • Hiking is a recreational activity that can be planned in a short amount of time. On the other hand, trekking lasts from 2 days to 200 years. Even a multi-day expedition is also considered a trek.
  • Hiking needs half a day to a full day, but trekking needs two or more days.
  • Hiking ranges from easy to arduous but trekking is more intense.
  • In hiking, there are few necessities to bring along. For trekking, you need to carry a lot of things.
  • Hiking is less expensive but trekking is more expensive.
  • On hiking, you will see man-made roads and trails. On the other hand, on trekking, you will get a variety of terrain.
  • Hiking is best for beginners but trekking is more difficult than hiking.

What should you eat during trekking?

There are particular food habits that you may follow during trekking.

  • You have to eat a healthy wholesome breakfast. Avoid early morning caffeine cravings as they lead to dehydration.
  • For lunch and dinner, you can take carbohydrate-rich food and whole grains. Rich-carbohydrate foods get digested slowly, so you will get more stable energy throughout the day.
  • You can keep some handy dry fruits. Dry fruits will keep your energy levels up.
  • Don’t Keep any sugar candies and cream biscuits as these will give you a sore throat at high altitudes.
  • On trekking, you have to drink at least 4 to 5 liters of water throughout the day.
  • Avoid energy bars and chocolates.

What is needed for trekking?

If you are enthusiastic about trekking, you should know about the mandatory things that you should carry while planning for trekking in India.

  • Well organized backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Munching items like dry fruits.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Swiss knife.
  • Flashlight or Torchlite.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Trekking trousers.
  • Cap or hat.
  • Sunscreens and lip balms.
  • Trekking map.
  • First aid kit.
  • Hiking pole.
  • Powerbank.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Fitness tracker.

How many types of trekking is there?

There are basically three types of trekking.

  • The first one is an easy trek that continues about for a couple of days with decent terrain and does not involve much highs and lows. Naag Tibba trek is considered as an easy one.
  • Moderate trek, that involves crossing terrain and it needs a certain level of stamina. You may consider the Hampta Pass trek as a moderate trek.
  • Hard trek, where you have to walk for long hours per day. This trek involves steep inclines and deep gorges. The trek to Stok Kangri is a great example of a hard trek.

What are the types of hiking?

For hiking also, you will see three different types that include;

  • Day Hiking, that does not exceed daylight hours. You may consider a simple walk in the natural environment as a day hiking. Day hiking is perfect for beginners.
  • Summit Hiking, that involves surmounting the summit or peak of a mountain. This type of hiking is challenging enough. This type of hiking always offers the best experience.
  • Long-Distance Hiking, that can take weeks or a couple of months to traverse. This type of hiking pits you against nature for a long time.

What shoes are best from trekking in India?

There are particular types of trekking shoes that are recommended for trekking. Woodland Men’s sneakers, La Sportive Spire GTX, Vasque Juxt, Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX, Garmont Dragontail MNT GTX, etc. are some best trekking shoes that you can go for.

What is the hardest hike in this world?

There are several hardest hikes in this world. These hardest hiking destinations include;

Chirripo Peak of Costa Rica, Drakensburg Traverse of South Africa, Mount Hua Shan of China, Caminito del Rey of Spain, Rover’s Run of Alaska, etc.

How do you get to Valley of Flowers?

The nearest road is Govind Ghat from the valley of Flowers. It will take around 11 hours to drive to Joshimath from Dehradun. You will need another 1 hour to reach Govind Ghat. From Govind Ghat you have to trek a distance of about 13 kilometers to the Valley of Flowers.

What is mountain trekking?

Trekking is a long-distance walk along a specific trail. Some trekking can be challenging. Mountain trekking is considered as a challenging sport. In this adventurous activity, people climb steep rocky slopes to reach the top. Mountain trekking always seems to be difficult. So, you need proper preparation before attempting any mountain trekking.     

What are the 7 peaks?

7 summits are the 7 highest mountains of each of the seven continents. These 7 summit climbing is regarded as a mountaineering challenge. On 30th April, in 1985 it was achieved first by Richard Bass. These 7 summits include; Mount Everest from Asia, McKinley of North America, Cerro Aconcagua from South America, Kilimanjaro from Africa, Elbrus from Europe, Carstensz Pyramid of Australia, and Mount Vinson from Antarctica.

Why do people love trekking?

When people go trekking they witness the beauty of nature from very close. The serenity and tranquility of nature remove all of their stress. Moreover, there are some more reasons for which they love trekking. These reasons include;

  • To improve fitness,
  • For an adrenaline rush,
  • To challenge themselves,
  • To get away from the chaotic daily life,
  • To refresh the mind,
  • To learn about the history and culture of a place,
  • To increase awareness.

Is Mountaineering a hike

Mountaineering is not a hike at all and it is different from hiking. Mountaineering involves climbing, scrambling, camping, etc. Mountaineering and hiking are two pursuits that share several common features but that are not a similar thing.

Is Cloud Rest dangerous?

Clouds Rest Trail is heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Yosemite Valley of California. This trail to Clouds Rest features beautiful wildflowers. The Clouds Rest is considered as a difficult summit. This summit can be a bit vertigo but it is not dangerous at all. It never gets narrower than 10-20 feet, so you can’t consider Clouds Rest as dangerous.

Is climbing Machu Pichu dangerous?

The altitude of Machu Pichu is almost 8000 feet from the sea level. So, you may suffer from altitude sickness. Though climbing Machu Pichu is not dangerous, you may face some issues while climbing such a high altitude summit.

Has anyone died on Devil’s Bridge?

Devil’s bridge; this term is used to dozens of ancient bridges that are primarily found in Europe. Most of these bridges are stone made. These places are dangerous enough. Till present, only two incidents of deaths have been recorded yet. Both of these incidents happened in 2014.

What is the difference between walking and hiking?

Hiking and walking differ from each other. Hiking involves walking as when you hike you have to walk from a lower elevation to higher elevation. But when you walk, it means that you are trekking only on a relatively smooth and flat path without much hurdles. Hiking requires a lot more effort in comparison with walking as the hiking path usually is more difficult.

How to get in shape before hiking?

If you are planning to go hiking, then there are several tips that you have to follow. These steps will help you to get in shape before hiking.

  • Practice running or walking in sand. It will help to build muscles and protect the ankles and knees.
  • Do crunches to build core strength. It will help to keep your balance on uneven surfaces.
  • Practice squats and lunges to keep your back straight. It will strengthen the core muscles.
  • Do push-ups to strengthen your upper body. It will help you to carry heavier backpacks during hiking.
  • Practice step-ups before hiking. It also will improve your leg strength.
  • Practice cardio exercises. Cardio exercises will help to build lung capacity so that you can hike longer.

Are sports shoes good for trekking?

It completely depends on the terrain. If you have to trek on such places where the way runs overstock of boulders, you will need a high ankle shoe. It will prevent your ankles from twisting. Much of the sports shoes provide good grip over nominal surfaces with cushioning effect. But during a trek, you will need an arduous sole with both front foot grip and good ankle. So, instead of sports shoes, you should purchase trekking or hiking shoes before planning a trek.

Can we use trekking shoes for walking?

Trekking shoes can be used for walking as these shoes work great on Asphalt. Moreover, these shoes provide the proper amount of ankle support. So, you can use your trekking shoes for long-distance walks.

Which is the toughest trek in India?

When you are planning for trekking in India, there are several toughest treks in Indian trekking. Stok Kangri trek, Chadar trek, Roopkund trek, Pin Parvati trek, Rupin Pass trek are considered as some toughest trekking destinations in India.

What is easy trekking?

 Trekking is divided into three parts. Hard trekking, moderate trekking, and the other is easy trekking. Easy trekking is harder than walking. This trekking does not include much steep hiking trails. On an easy trek, there will be some ups and downs and you will not face much difficulty.

Which is the best trek in India?

While planning trekking in India, it is necessary to know about the best trekking destinations in India. There are several best trekking destinations in India such as Gangotri Gomukh trek, Markha valley trek, Nanda Devi trek, Didital trek, Stok Kangri trek, etc.

How difficult is Kedarnath trek?

Kedarnath trek is not an extremely difficult trek. You just need to prepare yourself properly before planning the Kedarnath trek. From Gaurikund, the distance is 22 kilometers to Kedarnath. Apart from trekking, many people travel up by helicopter to reach Kedarnath.

Can we go to Kedarnath by car?

Yes, you can reach Kedarnath by car. After reaching Dehradun, you can either take a bus or can hire a cab to reach Kedarnath. From Haridwar, the distance is 125 kilometers to reach Kedarnath. So, you will need around 5 hours to cover this distance. Gaurikund is considered as the nearest motorable area from Kedarnath.

Is it safe to visit Kedarnath in June?

The perfect time to visit Kedarnath is during the months of summer. In June you can safely visit Kedarnath. During this time the weather remains cool and pleasant with a moderate climate. The average temperature remains 17-degree celsius in June. During this month you also can visit the temples and nearby attractions comfortably due to the pleasant weather.

What you should wear while going trekking?

The way you have to dress for trekking mostly depends on the conditions when you plan the trekking. You can also dress in a base, insulating, and shell layer during trekking. If you plan your trek in the summer season, you should avoid the base layer. Avoid cotton material, instead, choose those fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin. Choose the right pair of socks according to the weather.

If you plan your trekking in winter, you should wear the right thickness of thermal underwear. You have to choose those garments that will keep you warm in cold weather. Keep a water-resistant jacket for the most versatility. You also can opt for a simple windbreaker to keep yourself warm in slightly cool weather. In cold weather conditions, you have to wear insulation.

What to eat after trekking?

When picking your meal for after-trekking, you can look for those foods that contain protein and complex sugars. You can take a packed meal or have an energy bar after your trekking. You also can go for several snack options like chocolate bars, fruit squeezes, crunchy popcorn, or oats.

What are the 10 essentials for trekking?

While you are planning for trekking in India, there are several essential things that you have to carry while trekking.

  • For navigation carry a compass, map, altimeter, GPS device, and satellite messenger.
  • Carry a headlamp with extra batteries.
  • For sun protection, carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and sun-protective clothes.
  • Take a first aid kit with insect repellent and foot care.
  • Take a knife with a gear repair kit.
  • For the need of fire, carry lighter, matches, stove, and tinder.
  • Take extra clothes.
  • Carry a portable shelter.
  • Carry extra food beyond typical expectations.
  • Carry extra water beyond typical expectations.

Is trekking difficult?

Trekking is not so difficult if you can do it properly. The difficulty level of a trek depends on the hilliness of the terrain and altitude. For example, if you want to attempt Himalayan treks where the altitude is more than 8000 feet, for that you need proper mental and physical fitness.

What does trekking mean?

Trekking means a movement or trip that includes difficulties or complex terrain. Indian trekking includes basically three types of trekking, easy trekking, moderate trekking, and difficult trekking.

Cheap trekking packages in India?

While you are planning for Indian trekking tours, there you will get several affordable options. There are several cheap trekkings available in India such as Dodi Tal trek, Chopta Chandrashila summit trek, Har Ki Dun trek, Bedni Bugyal trek, Dayara Bugyal trek, etc.

Best trekking places in South India?

South India not only displays the natural beauty and majestic architecture of temples and monuments. Apart from the vast wild, tea plantations, and coffee plantations, there you will see several trekking destinations in South India. During holidays, you can surely go trekking on these beautiful trekking destinations. Nilgiri, Peermede, Coorg, Kodachadri, Perumal Peak, Narasimha Parvata, etc.

Trekking in India in December?

If you want to plan your trek in December there are several trekking destinations in India that you can go for. Dayara Bugyal, Chhattishgarh Jungle trek, Brahmatal, Mukta top, Kedarkantha, etc. are some popular destinations that you can attempt in December.

Trekking trip for students?

If you are a student and want to go for Indian trekking tours, then you will find several options. These trekking destinations are extremely beautiful and obviously within budget. So, students can go for it. Pindari glacier trek, the valley of flowers trek, Hampta Pass trek, Sandhan Valley trek, Calm Barog trek, Kuari Pass trek, Indrahar Pass trek, etc, are some popular trekking destinations where students can go.

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