Who Owns the Bahamas [Complete Travel Guide 2020]

Whenever a person is planning to travel or spend his or her vacations and wants to visit a place which will refresh their mind, body and soul, the first place which comes in the mind is the Bahamas.

But, it always comes in the minds of the tourists or the normal people living all around the globe who owns the Bahamas.

The internet is full of articles that claim to explain the ownership theory of Bahamas but fail miserably.

But you need as worry as we bring you all the facts and figures that you need to know about the Bahamas, the people living there, their economy, the ownership of Bahamas and a lot more.

Stay with us till the end of the article to enhance your knowledge about the Bahamas and the question of who owns the Bahamas.

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shallow waters of bahamas

Fun Facts about Bahamas

  • The Bahamas are a set of islands that are also famous by the name of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.
  • The Bahamas is a country which is located in the West Indies. The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau. The dialing code of Bahamas is +1242.
  • The Bahamas is a cluster of more than 700 islands that are present in the vicinity of Florida and the West Indies.
  • The rocks and clays are abundantly found in the islands of the Bahamas. Also, the total count of islands comes to around 700.
  • The rocks and cays are so large in number that they are sprinkled over an enormous area of about 100000 square miles of the total ocean area.
  • A fun fact about the Bahamas is that the clearest and the cleanest water of the earth is present here. It is present in a region which is known as Archipelago. It is s synonym for the oasis which is present in the desert.
  • The names of the country Bahamas came from its shallow waters which are present in almost every part of the Bahamas. This name the Bahamas has originated from two Spanish words Baja and Mar. These words mean shallow waters.
  • The Bahamas is full of indigenous people. People from various diverse cultures and ethnicities live together in these beautiful islands and welcome tourists from all around the world.
Dean's blue hole
Fun Facts about Bahamas
  • One of the major attractions for tourists in the Bahamas is the Dean’s Deep Blue Hole which is present near the Bahamas in the sea. This hole is almost 202 meters deep and is claimed to be the world’s deepest and cleanest blue hole.

How Many People Live in the Bahamas?

It is believed that the latest population of the Bahamas is approximately around 3.10 lakhs. Out of these3.10 lakhs, 1.62 lakhs are believed to be females and the rest 1.48 lakhs are believed to be males.

Almost 90-95% of this chunk of population lives on the Grand Bahama, Abaco, and New Providence.

Also, out of these 90-95% population, the major chunk is in the new providence which is around 69%, thee next are in the Grand Bahamas and the Abaco and the remaining is scattered all over in different islands present in the Bahamas.

It has been observed in recent years by government officials that the population of Bahamas is growing at a much faster pace when compared to the average Caribbean population growth rate.

The Climate of Bahamas

The climate of the Bahamas and the nearby islands remains mild almost throughout the year. This is the reason behind the large attraction of tourists in the islands of Bahamas.

The minimum temperature which the island experiences in the winters is around 21 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature which the island experiences during summers are around 32 degrees Celsius.

The rainfall on the islands of Bahamas occurs mostly in the summer season. The average rainfall which happens every year is around 44 inches.

But the main danger and destruction faced by the people of Bahamas are due to the tropical cyclones which occur every year from June till November. They cause huge destruction in terms of men and material.

The National Symbols of Bahamas

national symbols of bahamas
National Symbols of Bahamas

Just like every other country in the world, the Bahamas also have their national symbols. These national symbols are respected by every person living on the island and are a symbol of pride for them.

The symbols of respect in Bahamas are as follows:

  • National Flower of Bahamas

The national flower of Bahamas is the yellow elder.

  • National Bird of Bahamas

The flamingo is considered to be the national bird of the Bahamas.

  • National Fish of Bahamas

The blue marlin is considered to be the national dish of the Bahamas.

  • National tree of Bahamas

The national tree of Bahamas is Lignum Vitae, which is also referred to as the tree of life by the local people of Bahamas.

national flag of bahamas

Top Places to Visit in the Bahamas

As mentioned earlier in the article, the Bahamas is a major tourist attraction spot. It welcomes tourists from all around the world throughout the year. This is mainly because of the various amazing spots and the natural beauty of the country.

Some of the top tourist spots of Bahamas are:

1. Lucayan National Park

Many underwater cave systems are present in the world. But the biggest underwater cave system is present in the Bahamas and is known as the Lucayan National Park cave system.

It is a beautiful place to visit. The professional swimmers can even scuba dive and visit the cave system themselves.

2. Mount Alvernia

Another spot of tourist attraction is Mount Alvernia which is present on the Cat island in the Bahamas.

It is a beautiful structure that is 63 meters above sea level and is the highest point on the island of the Bahamas.

3. Pink Sands Beach

Various sand beaches are present in the world. But the Bahamas has sand beaches which are pink in color. These pink sand beaches are located on Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

The pink color is imparted to the beach sand by a marine animal Foraminifera, which has a bright pink colored shell.

4. Versailles Gardens

versailles gardens in bahamas
versailles gardens

The Versailles Gardens, situated on Paradise Island is another major spot of tourist attraction. This place is famous for the marriage rituals which happen in the garden alley.

The Monarchy System of Bahamas

Queen Elizabeth II the present-day monarch of the Bahamas
Queen Elizabeth II

The country of Bahamas follows the monarchy government system under which the country has a hereditary monarch who is made the main head or the sovereign of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

The present-day monarch of the Bahamas is Queen Elizabeth II. The queen herself is not present on the island all the time. So in her absence, the whole decision making power shifts to the Governor-General of the Bahamas.

Queen Elizabeth II has been the monarch of the Bahamas since the country got its freedom in the year 1973.

Bahamas and United States Relation?

Columbus in Bahamas

There have been many confusions and speculations regarding the fact that whether the Bahamas is a part of the United States or not.

But the fact is that the Bahamas is not and never has been a part of the United States. The Bahamas was governed by Britain until the year 1973. It became independent after 1973.

It is not a part of the United States but it is one of the major tourist attractions for the people of the United States as it is located only 50 miles away from the coast of Florida.

The Bahamas was discovered by the great Columbus when he accidentally landed on of the island from the long string of islands somewhere around 1942. But these islands were believed to be in the possession of Spain for the next 300 years.

In the year 1783, the treaty of Paris was signed which gave the majority of the portion of Bahamas to Britain.

Then after the battle, Spain captured the islands back again in the year 1782. But just after one year, Spain surrendered the islands back again to Britain after peace was signed between them.

Finally, in the year 1973, the Bahamas was removed from the Crown of Britain and it became an independent commonwealth Realm in the year 1973.

The Economy of Bahamas

The economy of Bahamas is comparatively stronger when compared with the other regions of the Caribbean.

This is mainly because of tourism and tourism-related development in the Bahamas. Also, the rural sector of the Bahamas has shown the growth due to the increased fishing and agricultural activities.

The gross national product per capita (GNP) of Nassau is the highest for any city present in the Bahamas.

The Bahamian government also gets financial aids and other help related to consultancies or emergency from the United Kingdom government.

Many Bahamian people also work in the nearby cities of Florida, Cuba, and Haiti and travel either daily or weekly basis to their homes using the ferry services.

How Many Islands make up the Bahamas?

The Bahamas consist of more than 700 small and big islands in total. Apart from the islands, many caves and clays are also present in the region.

Out of the 700 islands in the Bahamas, the largest 10 islands in terms of area are as follows:

Island NameAn area in Km Sq
North Andros3439
Great Sinagua1615
South Andros1448
Great Abaco1146
Grand Bahama1096
Long Island538
Cat Island387

These islands are the center for major tourist attractions as many activities like scuba diving, surfing, banana rides, boating, cruise dinners, parasailing, and other such adventure sports happen on a large scale.

All these islands help in generating a great amount of revenue which the government, in turn, invests in the development of the islands and providing an even better experience for the next visit of the tourists.

List of the Cities in the Bahamas

Just like the numerous islands, various cities are also present in the country of Bahamas.

Some of the major cities of Bahamas include Nassau, Freeport, West end, Coopers Town, Marsh Harbour, Free Town, Bahamas City, Andros Town, Clarence Town, Dinmore Town, Rock Sound, Arthur’s Town, etc.

The majority of the people work in various professions in these towns and cities and earn daily wages or monthly salaries and sustain their lives.

Languages Spoken in the Bahamas

The majority of the people living in the Bahamas speak English and are very comfortable in it.

Apart from English, people also speak Bohemian English and Haitian Creole. Whether it be any language, the language is both spoken and written with the Bohemian dialect.

The person who lives in the Bahamas or belongs to the Bahamas is referred to as Bahamian by the other people of the world.

The majority of the population living in the islands of Bahamas are of African descent. Many Bahamians follow the tradition of becoming part of the churches which are present on the islands. 

Income and Living of Bahamian People

As discussed above, the Bahamas is a country that consists of more than 700 islands. All these islands generate revenues by offering tourists various services and products.

But despite attracting a good chunk of tourists and selling various products and services, the Bahamas faces a lot of issues related to poverty and hunger.

According to the latest census report, it was concluded that more than 14.5% of the total population of Bahamas comes under the poverty line are find it difficult to manage 3 meals of the day.

The Bahamian government always try to overcome these poverty issues by providing more opportunity to these below the poverty line like additional job opportunities, skill development, guide, etc.

Almost 83% of the total population living on the islands of Bahamas are involved in urban activities. While the reaming 17% are living in the rural areas of Bahamas and involved in activities that come under the rural sector.

The Surrounding Neighbours of Bahamas
Neighbours of Bahamas

The Surrounding Neighbours of Bahamas

Many countries are located around the Bahamas. The Bahamas shares its maritime border with various countries like Cuba, Haiti, the United States, and the Turks and the Caicos Islands which are present in the United Kingdom.

The Bimini island of Bahamas, which is the westernmost island of Bahamas, is located approximately 80 kilometres or 53 miles away from Miami, Florida making it the closest point of Bahamas near the United States mainland.

The Art and Culture of Bahamas

The West Indies is famous all around the world for its hospitality and unique traditions of music and dance. Art is also followed passionately in this region.

As the Bahamas is a West Indian country, the same traditions are followed here also making it a rich and diverse destination for all the art, music, dance, and culture lovers.


Junkanoo is a yearly music carnival that happens in the streets of Bahamas every year. It is a major tourist attraction and people who love music come to be a part of this wonderful festival from all around the world.

The Bahamas has produced the world-famous band named Baha Men which came out with their Grammy Award-winning hit single Who Let the Dogs Out.


The Bahamas is rich in languages and literature. Many black authors have originated from the lands of the Bahamas who have gained popularity with their unique writing style and poetry all around the world.

Some of the famous literary works from the Bahamas include The Narrative of Facts, The Vision, etc.


Just like music and literature, the culture of the Bahamas is also very rich in terms of art. Various art forms are produced and practiced in the Bahamas. Some of the main ones are as follows:

1. Canvas Art

The art of drawing and painting on canvas surfaces has been a part of the Bahamian tradition for many centuries.

The people of Bahamas are masters of canvas art and the Bahamian canvas paintings are famous for the same all around the world.

2. Stone and Coral Art

As the Bahamas is a group of islands, thus precious stones, corals and other such sea ornaments are very commonly found in the Bahamian markets.

Many natural sculptures and ornaments are made from the natural rocks present on the reef which eventually break off due to erosion or withering.

3. Straw Weaving

The Bahamas has a special Straw market in the city of Nassau. This market sells baskets, clothes and other artifacts that are made from straw.

university in who owns the Bahamas
university in bahama

Education System in the Bahama

The education system of the Bahamas is pretty diversified. The schools and colleges are run by the local people who have expertise in different fields and areas.

They somewhat follow a pattern that is similar to the education system of the United Kingdom.

Apart from the schools, various colleges are also present in the Bahamas which impart education to the youths and children of Bahamas.

The main college of Bahamas got the university status in November 2016. Thus, the majority of the population living in the islands of Bahamas come and study in this university only.


Some frequently asked questions related to the Bahamas on the internet are as follows:

Are customs checking mandatory in the Bahamas?

If a person is either leaving from the city of Nassau or the city of Freeport to anywhere in the United States of America, then he or she has to clear the customs formalities before the landing.

If any visitor is departing from any other islands apart from the above two, then he or she has to go through the customs checking once they land at their destination airport.

What is the name of the Bahamian currency?

The currency that is used in the Bahamas and the nearby islands is either the United States Dollar (US Dollar) or the Bahamian Dollar (BSD).

As such, there is no difference between the two currencies as the conversion rate of one to the other is almost the same. The conversion rate of both currencies is as follows:

1 USD = 0.99871 BSD

Who has the control of the Bahamas?

The Bahamas and its islands are controlled by the commonwealth of Bahamans itself. But, the monarch of Bahamas is still Queen Elizabeth II.

She has reigned the country since it earned its independence in the year 1973. But still, Bahamas is considered to be a part of the Caribbean islands.

Does the Bahamas lie under US?

No, the Bahamas is not a part of the United States and has never been apart. It rather comes under the list of Caribbean islands.

Initially, it was considered to be a part of the United Kingdom but eventually, it earned its independence in the year 1973 and ended the rule of the United Kingdom which lasted for around 325 years.

How much does it cost to visit the Bahamas?

Visiting the Bahamas is not very costly. On average, a person has to spend around $ 470 for a three-night stay in a decent hotel in the city of Nassau. This includes the flights also.

For luxury trips to Paradise island, the cost of the flights, hotels and other amenities can go up to $ 1300 per person.

How much does a beer cost in the Bahamas?

As the Bahamas is a tourist destination, the cost of a beer is slightly on the higher side than the normal.

A normal pint of a domestic beer can cost somewhere around $ 4.25. While a 12 oz small bottle of an imported beer can cost somewhere around $ 5 to the tourists.

On the other hand, a regular cappuccino costs around $ 4.75.

Final Verdict of Who Owns the Bahamas

This article aims at providing our readers a glimpse of the most disputed fact of who owns the Bahamas.

The islands of Bahamas were a part of the United Kingdom for more than 300 years and finally gained their independence in the year 1973. The Bahamas were never a part of the United States.

The islands of Bahamas come under the Caribbean islands.

In this article, we have tried to cover the ownership of Bahamas, the educational and economy of Bahamas, the political system of Bahamas, the climate of Bahamas and the languages and population of Bahamas.

We have also tried to cover the most common and frequently asked questions and Fun Facts about Bahamas regarding the Bahamas.

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We hope that you would have liked the article.

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