About Us

Hello All! I am Sonal Shukla, I and my team started the travel blog on 18th May 2019 to serve you with interesting information. True Linkz covers interesting news stories and travel stories from around the world and presents them to you. We cover diverse topics in the news story section and various countries and towns around the world for you to explore in the Travel section. We have a team of contributors who specialize in their fields and provide unique and authentic content that is useful to you. Our blog tries to impart as quality information as is possible to our readers.

Travel Section

In this section, our wanderlust authors provide you with quality content on places to explore. We started with locations in India but we plan to cover locations around the world. Our articles focus on giving you a feel of the place and provide complete information about that place. Most of our articles tend to provide complete information about the place as the best season to visit a place, how to reach there and places to visit there. If there is any place that you want to read about and we do not have that covered yet, please write to us through the Contact Us Form.

News Story Section

News Story section concerned with stories from around the world. We cover diverse topics in this section ranging from Politics to Sports to General Knowledge to Medical and whatever might be an interesting read for all of you. Our team has various contributors specializing in different streams. It is not a cliché News story section, we just serve some handful of interesting bits and bytes for you. If you have any questions bubbling in your mind and you want us to answer/write about them, please leave a text in the Contact Us Form. We will be glad to write about it.

Photography Section

This is a unique section of our blog. In this section, the team of our contributors displays their photography skills, along with a short write-up about that picture. There is no boundary on the range of topics that this section can cater to.

Video Section

Video Section consists of an interesting video with a short write-up about that video. Again no boundaries on the topic that this section can cater to. We try to come up with Funny or Bizarre or anything interesting to publish in this section.

I hope you liked reading our blog and it was worth your time. We write with the hope of keeping you entertained. If you have any suggestions please feel free to Contact Us. We will be glad to hear and work upon them. Thank You for your time! So Long!