When is it the best time To Change The Car Headlights?

Have you ever wondered when the right time to change your car headlights is? Some drivers may think that car headlights can go forever and do not need a change. But this is not the actual picture, as bulbs can also wear out with time. The car light from boodmo.com can help you select which headlights can be suitable for your car.

The general life span of a halogen bulb can range from 450-to 1000 hours. This lifetime can depend upon various factors, though. There can be various factors that can affect the life of the headlamp. Let us discuss some signs that can give you a warning about changing your headlights.

Flickering Lights: 

When you can notice that the lights are getting on and off, it needs immediate action. It is a sign that the bulb’s filament has been damaged or has completely worn. It is the same as your room bulbs can flicker during their end of life. It is also a sign that the headlights may have a faulty connection. So fixing the connection or replacement of bulbs is necessary for safe driving.

Headlights Go Dim: 

When you notice headlights are getting dimmer than usual, then you can consider changing your car headlights. There can be various factors that may make your headlights dim. Make sure you clean your vehicle more often so that the dust does not accumulate on the headlight bulb’s glass. If a layer of dust or grease is making your lights dim, you may first clean them thoroughly and check whether the light increases or not. If the light still does not improve, it may be nearing the end of its life. So replacement of the bulb will be the better option.

One Headlight Goes Off:

Sometimes, one of your headlights may go off. Though it may be difficult to notice, it is one of the major warning signs when you need to replace the headlights. The car’s auto parts may be working fine, but if a single headlight goes off, you may think of changing the headlights of your car. As the headlights come in pairs, when one light goes off, another may have started dimming or nearing its end of life. Just like when the car’s auto parts get damaged or need to repair or replaced, the car headlights also need replacement when they are not conditioning properly.

Maintenance Process of Car Highlights: 

  • When you are going through the washing of car windows in the gas station, you may think of giving your headlights a cleaning process. This can help you see things better during bad weather or evening while you drive. Few changes in your automotive parts can go a long way and can protect your headlights for a longer period.


  • If you change the headlights, make sure that the illumination is close to the sunlight. So, the superior quality headlights need to be used so that driving becomes safe with more bright and white lights during the evening time.


  • You need to properly inspect the headlights when you visit for servicing or car washing. You can directly go to the automobile section and request the headlights’ inspection. It may take several hours if you want to check the headlights on your own. The professional inspection process will include turning the headlights on, turning on the other lights like brake lights, and turning on the signals.


  • You can ask an auto mechanic from boodmo to properly balance and fit your headlights in your car. Sometimes, accidents may occur if the headlights are not properly aligned or placed in the car.


  • Try to replace the headlights before they get dim and completely burn out.


  • Standard halogen lights can be replaced with superior quality and bright lights to avoid accidents.


  • Check periodically whether all the lights are performing well or not. The auto parts may have faulty conditions with the lights. Go for the repair or the replacement, whatever is required.


  • Whenever you purchase the headlights, it is always recommended that you check the illumination. It will help you to notice any factory defects so that you can take immediate action.


  • To prevent accidents, headlights are among the very essential parts that need to be replaced frequently as and when required.



Headlights can be considered among the essential auto parts for your vehicle. Protected by the polycarbonate lens, the lights help in providing a clear vision during the evening drive or driving through cloudy or bad weather conditions. 

Frequent replacement of your car’s headlights can ensure an economical approach to protect the health of your vehicle. In this post, you can find that there are several warning signs when you should consider replacing the headlights.

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