Top 5 Scooty in India with low seat perfect for short Riders: Honda Activa, TVS Scooty, and More!

Top 5 Scooty in India with low seat perfect for short Riders: Honda Activa, TVS Scooty, and More!

The low height of the two-wheeler is ideal for short riders. It is important to find the top scooty that will help you enjoy riding, irrespective of your height. Delhi is a place where the demand for the two-wheelers is largely noticed. The second hand scooty in Delhi is largely chosen based on mileage and performance. The use of the used scooty is due to transport convenience that makes the rides easily glide through the traffic. In this article, you’ll get a good range of top scooty to purchase in 2022.

The automobile scooters are one of the most preferred modes of transportation to pass through the traffic congestion easily on the way to the office. There are several notes on which you should choose the used scooters. The market is full of unisex-oriented offerings where one concern that overwhelms is seat height. A large group of people in India is of short height, and the average height in India is around 5.5′. Furthermore, the choice of used scooty in Delhi is also based on height. It is more convenient for the user to select a two-wheeler that is easy to handle and comfortable. Women majorly prefer to buy low-seated scooters for families who have more short-height riders.  


Which scooty is best for short ladies?


If you are already planning to buy second-hand scooty in Delhi, it is no wonder that it is one of the best decisions in life. The list of the top scooty in India will help you choose the one that’ll suit you the best. 


1: TVS Pep Plus: Rs. 57,994 ( Approx)


Key specifications: 

Engine- 87.8 cc

Mileage- 50 kmpl

Seat Height- 768 mm

Fuel tank Capacity- 4.2 liters


TVS Scooty Pep Plus is a low seated perfect woman scooty with a reasonable starting price of Rs.57,994 in India. There are three impressive variants of the scooter with 8 colors that will surely get you the desirable bike. It has a well-powered engine performance with 5.36bhp and 6.5Nm torque. The front and rear drum brakes are well combined with both wheels’ braking systems. If you plan to buy this used scooty, you can choose your preferred color and variant to get one for yourself. 


2: Hero Pleasure+ : Rs.63.156 ( Approx)


Key specifications: 

Engine- 110.9 cc

Mileage- 50 kmpl

Seat Height- 765 mm

Fuel tank Capacity- 4.8 liters


Hero Pleasure Plus is a mileage scooter perfect for short women to explore. It starts with a price range of Rs.63,070. It has impressive top 5 variants and 7 colors that will surely impress you in every way. The combined features concerning the braking system of both wheels, weighing 104 kg and fuel take of 4.8 liters capacity, will be a perfect scooty for short ladies. The good thing about this scooter is its preppy look, comfortable riding experience, and brakes do offer a great bite time. 


3: TVS Zest 110: Rs. 66,755


Key specifications: 

Engine- 109.7 cc

Mileage- 45 kmpl

Seat Height- 760 mm

Fuel tank Capacity- 5 liters


One of the top models of TVS when it comes to best mileage scooty in India is ideal for the short height girls. The model starts with a price rate of Rs.66,755 and goes up to Rs. 67,856. The bike is well-powered with a 109.7 cc engine and a power that develops around 7.71 bhp and 8.8 Nm torque. It has both front and rear drum brakes that come up along with a combined braking system of both wheels. The scooty has a fuel tank of around 5 liters. It is an ideal commuting scooter with a comfortable seating position that is light to handle, along with its peppy engine.


4: Honda Activa 6G: Rs.70,790 


Key specifications: 

Engine- 109.5 cc

Mileage- 50 kmpl

Seat Height- 692 mm

Fuel tank Capacity- 5.3 liters


The highest selling best mileage scooty is Honda Activa 6g. It is not only loved by all, both men and women. The price of Honda Activa 6G starts from Rs.70,790 onwards. The bikes are available in 4 variants and 8 colors that have a developed power of 7.68 bhp and torque of 8.79 Nm. in both cases, the combined braking system of both wheels is highly operative. Honda activa 6G is an improved version of its predecessors, and it retains the USPs for smooth functionality, metal body, and better riding experience. The service network adds ownership to the knowledge of the user.


5: TVS Jupiter 125: Rs. 76,240 


Key specifications: 

Engine- 124.8 cc

Mileage- 50 kmpl

Seat Height- 763 mm

Fuel tank Capacity- 5.1 liters


TVS has manufactured the latest products, which are completely affordable and user-friendly in every possible way. This scooty with a low seat comes with 3 variants and 3 colors that start with a price range of Rs.83,313. The scooter is powered with 8.04 bhp and 10.5Nm torque. The front and rear drum brakes are combined with the braking system on both wheels. It has a huge market in India among men and women of all ages. The scooty is worth your money, loaded with practical features and easy accessibility to the fuel lid. 


Can I buy a used/ second hand scooty in Delhi?


Among all these top-rated low height scooty for ladies, you can choose to buy a second hand scooter in Delhi without any hesitation. The bike conditions are great if you’re purchasing for a renowned online platform, and the feature of the refurbishment of the bike makes it retain good quality. You can always choose a second hand Activa or use a Jupiter for yourself to enjoy minimum height for riding scooty. 


To sum it up, the above-stated list of top mileage low seat scooty for ladies is best for you to try out in 2022. If you are confused, you can choose based on the mentioned criteria. It is important to find why you are selecting the two-wheeler. Make sure your purpose is fulfilled with the purchase. 



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