How to Start a Career as a Video Editor

If you’re passionate about working with video and want to be a video creator, then it’s time to click on this link. In fact, you might be considering how to make your video-editing dreams come true in the form of a full-time career or freelance business. 

As someone who works in the field, I wanted to share my insight on how to start a career as a video editor. photobooth for sale

How to Become a Video Creator?


Do you have a knack for editing videos? If so, why not turn your skills into an income stream by becoming an online video editor? 

These days, there are plenty of places online where you can create and sell your own videos. And thanks to the internet, you’ll never have to worry about finding clients or competing with anyone. All you need is an internet connection and some editing software! Here’s how to become an online video editor.


Step 1: Invest In the Right Tools to Create an Awesome Video

If you’re going to create videos for YouTube, then you’ll need some professional-quality equipment. However, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on top-of-the-line gear; but it can help if you at least invest in decent cameras—or even an editing computer—to get started. 

Of course, as your following grows, you might want to upgrade to fancier video production tools. But if all you’re planning on doing is creating little how-to videos or other low-production pieces (and posting them directly onto YouTube), that basic stuff should work just fine. 

Tripods can also be a big help here. These tiny desktop models are relatively inexpensive, and they make videos look much more polished. Just be sure to do plenty of research before investing in any new tech so you know what specs will be best for your needs and budget.

Remember: The point here isn’t to become unnecessarily buried under gear. It’s about making yourself some awesome online video content without breaking the bank.

Step 2: Get Into The Online Video Industry

There are plenty of online video platforms looking for content, but how do you stand out? If you want to get into online video creation and editing as a career, then you should pursue some more formal training in video production. 

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a formal education in filmmaking. To become a video creator, what matters is that you understand how to create engaging content on an ongoing basis. And so, here are some ways beginners like yourself can get into online video editing as a professional: 


  1. Learn how to shoot great videos with solid equipment 
  2. Learn about audio mixing for video 
  3. Get used to camera movements (panning, zooming) 
  4. Learn about video storytelling: add conflict and avoid boredom 
  5. Spend time working alongside other experienced video editors 
  6. Take a video editing course 
  7. Work hard on your own at home, spending up to 10 hours per week 


After you’ve put these things into practice in your own life, you should start thinking about which companies might be hiring people like you. There are many digital video companies that are always looking for freelancers who can work remotely from their home office.

Step 3: Learn on the Job

If you want to become a video creator, it’s not necessary for you to attend film school or get a graduate degree in video editing. This is because today’s employers are looking for candidates who have hands-on experience. They must be familiar with today’s technology and can adapt quickly when new technologies arise. 

That’s why learning on the job, as an apprentice or an intern, is one of your best options if you want to break into video editing as a career. 

Most online video editors have either begun their careers in entry-level roles at production companies and then worked their way up over time. Some have even got their skills by self-teaching through online tutorials. And so, the key is to gain experience under your belt while you’re still young. Once you’ve built some experience as an apprentice, intern, or freelance video content creator, start networking with your fellows and sharing your work on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


Starting as a video editor might mean taking an entry-level position for less pay, but it will pay off if you decide to switch career paths later on down the road. 

Step 4: Go Pro

To get an early start in your career, it’s important to consider jumping head first into an industry that is either booming or experiencing rapid growth. To begin, focus on becoming one of these three types of content creators: 


1) Artist or Vlogger 

2) Content Developer or Creator 

3) Social Media Influencer or Marketer 


If you follow one of these paths, you’ll be able to quickly build a name for yourself with more opportunities coming your way. 

Of course, there are other ways to begin building your career as an online video creator, but becoming one of these three will help accelerate your progress towards a new career—no matter which path you choose. Good luck!

Final Thoughts

If you’re new to video editing, it can be tough to find work as a professional video editor. Luckily, these days there are tons of freelance jobs available in everything from wedding videography to short corporate documentaries. But where do you start? With a bonafide video creator online, of course!


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