Chilanthi Ambalam or Palliyara Sree Bhagavathy Temple Kodumon Kerala 2020.

Chilanthi Ambalam or Palliyara Sree Bhagavathy Temple is the world’s only Spider Temple and is 1500 years old! Situated in the Kodumon village of Pathanamthitta district of Kerala state, it is famous and revered for treating spider bites, deep wounds, and skin ailments.

Also, apart from divine healing in Chilanthiy Ambalam, this place is the birthplace of Sree Sakthibhadra, who is the author of the famous Sanskrit play, “Ascharya Choodamani”. And this was one of the first full-fledged Sanskrit works from South-India in 9th Century AD. An organization namely Sakthibhadra Samskarika Kendram is now operational in Kodumon with a vision to erect a befitting memorial to Sakthibhadra.

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1. The Legend Behind the Temple 2. Main Festivals and Rituals of the Temple
3. How To Reach the Temple 4. Best Time to Visit the Temple
5. Important Tips To Travel 6. Where to Stay Near the Temple
7. Places to Eat Near the Temple    
chilanthi temple in kerala
chilanthi temple in Kerala

The Legend Behind the Chilanthi Ambalam:

As we all know, Chilanthi Ambalam is a very unique temple and thus has a legend behind it. And the legend goes like this:

So, once upon a time, there was a king Ravindran Vikraman of Chenneerkara Swaroopam (a sovereign state). Unusually, he was a great Ayurvedic Physician and housed many medicinal plants in his palace.

Now, what he was really worried about was that he only had three daughters and no son. So, depressed about the fact that there is nobody to carry forward his knowledge and skills, he buried all his medicinal herbs around his palace before he died.

Next, tragedy struck as his elder daughter died due to smallpox and the second daughter died an untimely death. After that, the third daughter went into Thapas (rigorous meditation) in the Palliyara (royal chamber).

According to the legend, the princess always had a spider sitting on her body all the time and sometime later she attained Samadhi. Thus ended the bloodline of king Ravindran Vikraman.

After that, a member from the Mannadi Vakkapanjippuzha Mutt was appointed as the King’s successor. And nobody dared open the gates of the Palliyara. But one day the gates automatically opened and inside was an image of a beautiful goddess in the form of a spider.

Thus the courtyard began being called the Kodumon Chilanthi Kshethram. This is the place where the temple stands today.

Spider Toxin Treatment:

Today, the temple is revered by one and all as the place where one can get cured of spider-bites and deep wounds. And The ‘prasadam’ and ‘theertham’ (holy water from the well) are believed to do this cure. The patients are also given ‘kadalipazham’, ‘malar’ an eatable made from the fried paddy and water from the holy well.

And patients with deep wounds are given the three ‘nivedyams’ for seven days. Also, it is believed that the ‘theertham’ can cure skin ailments.

Thus, the place attracts tourists from all over the nation and beyond.

spider temple kodumon kerala
spider temple kodumon

Important Festivals and Rituals of the Chilanthi Ambalam:

The 1500 years old temple, has few famous festivals, that are celebrated with great devotion even today.

Surprisingly enough these rituals have been passed down from generation to generation. Indeed, the temple is legendary in every form. So, let’s have a look at a couple of major festivals celebrated here:

  • 1. Chandra Pongala
  • 2. Temple Annual Festival

Chandra Pongala:

Months: January – February. The Malayalam month of Makara.

On Chandra Pongala, women cook sweet rice in pots in the temple premises. Once the rice is cooked, the festival is celebrated in Kodumon Chilanthi Kshethram, on the full moon night of Makar (The months of Jan-Feb).

Temple Annual Festival:

Months: November – December. The Malayalam month of Vrichikam.

The annual festival is celebrated on the day of Karthika asterism in the Malayalam month of Vrishchika. This is the annual festival of the temple and is celebrated on a grand level.

chilanthi temple in kerala India
chilanthi temple in Kerala India

How to Reach Chilanthi Ambalam?

The village is located in the village of Koduman, Pathanamthitta, Kerala. And the renowned temple is known by the names of Palliyara Sree Bhagavathy and Koduman Chilanthi Ambalam. In particular, the temple is dedicated to the Goddess Palliara Devi.

Also, if you are wondering how to reach the Chilanthi Ambalam, then read our how to reach guide below:

By Road:

The nearest bus stand to the temple is Adoor which is 10 km away and Pathanamthitta which is 11 km away. Regular buses operate on the route.

Click here to book your tickets on a KSRTC bus.

Many Taxis are also available in the area. You can easily book one for a hassle-free tour.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station is Karunagappalii which is 38 km away. Buses can be availed from here to reach the revered temple.

Click here to book a train ticket.

By Air: The nearest airport is in Trivandrum which lies 98 km away from the Chilanthi Ambalam. Buses and trains operate from here to take you to the temple.

Click here to book flight tickets.

chilanthi ambalam Kerala India

Best Time to visit Chilanthi Ambalam?

Chilanthi Ambalam, the world’s only spider temple is situated in Kerala. And attracts thousands of tourists every year. Mostly, people come here for divine healing and also to pay respects to the goddess.

But, weather-wise, winters are the best time to visit the temple. As the winters are dry and the temperature is not cold but pleasant.

Click here to get live weather of Kodumon.


The winter months start from December and continue till February. As they are dry and have comfortable temperatures, they are the peak season too. Only, the problem is that the hotel prices are at a hike during this part of the year.


The summers in Kerala are really hot and humid. Due to the extreme humidity, it is not a nice idea to visit the temple at this time. Furthermore, the summer months in Kerala are from March to May. Also, if you are planning to visit the place during this season, plan to sweat!


The monsoon in Kerala alone stays for about half the year. As the state of Kerala receives heavy rainfall, it is a very green state. Also, the rains are intermittent, heavy and random, thus it is not a very good idea to come here but not too bad either.

Namely, the monsoon months start from June and continue till November.

TrueLinkz advice on Best Time to visit Chilanthi Ambalam:

Though we know that devotion knows no bars, and isn’t stopped by anybody or anything. Still, if you ask weather-wise what is the best time to come to the temple, then it would definitely be the dry season from December to February.

Important Tips to Travel:

Surely, you would want your travel to be hassle-free. So, here is some important information that will keep you well organized and make your trip truly memorable.

  • Worship Timings: In the morning the timing is from 6:00 am to 11:30 am. And in the evening, the timings are from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm. So, do remember to keep your arrival timing in tune with the worship timings.
  • Offerings to the deity: Bhasmam, Banana, and Theertham (Holy Water) from the well.
  • Dresscode: Traditional Kerala dress is recommended for Darshan at Koduman Chilanthi Ambalam
  • Nearby ATMs: Yes, there are ATMs nearby. SBT, ICICI, and Federal Bank have ATMs in the vicinity.
  • Money Exchange: Travelling to the temple from a foreign country and need a money exchange? Then don’t worry as you are covered, we have a money exchange nearby.
  • Hospital: Certainly, there is a hospital nearby too.
  • Supermarket: Yes, we have a supermarket to fulfill all your needs in the vicinity.
  • Architecture: The architecture of the Kodumon Chilanthiy Ambalam is in the Pallav style of architecture.
  • Location: The address of the temple is:

Kodumon Chilanthiy Ambalam,

Kodumon, Pathanamthitta District,

Kerala – 691 555.

Phone : +91 4734 287002


The temple is situated in the backdrop of the Sakthibhadra Samskarika Kendram Complex. Also, the temple is located 1 km east of the Kodumon market center on the Chavara Pathanamthitta P.W.D.Nearby ATMs: Yes, there are ATMs nearby. SBT, ICICI, and Federal Bank have ATMs in the vicinity.

Where to stay near Chilanthi Ambalam?               

Definitely, a hotel to stay near the temple would not be a problem. Because a number of good staying options are available near the temple. So, let’s have a look at some of them:

Hotel Lals Residency:

Location: Central Junction, Adoor 691523 India

The Hotel Lals Residency is a small romantic hotel in Adoor. Surely, a great choice, it has air-conditioned rooms, with comfortable beds. And the guests can work online as there is free 24×7 Wi-Fi. Also, there is a 24-hour front desk and room service.

Moreover, there is a restaurant so you do not have to worry to find eateries nearby. But, the parking available here is paid.

Languages Spoken are Hindi and English.

Hotel Wyte Portico:


The Hotel Wyte Portico is a great hotel with all the amenities provided for a comfortable stay. And the rooms are air-conditioned and with comfortable beds with an extra duvet on the mattress.

Also, they offer free breakfast. Moreover, they provide a pool, a gym, and a Table Tennis table. Furthermore, they have 24×7 Wi-Fi and free parking. And even they too have a restaurant.

Languages Spoken are Hindi and English.

Hotel Park Residency:


Location: Parakode Kp Road, Adoor 691554 India

The Hotel Park Residency is a nice hotel in Adoor that makes available all the amenities required for a comfortable stay. They have great rooms with good decoration, air-conditioning, and soft mattresses.

Also, the hotel has a hot bath, a gym, and meeting rooms. Moreover, they offer free breakfast and free 24×7 Wi-Fi. And the list does not end here, they have free parking and a restaurant.

Thus, they cater to all your needs and you can enjoy your stay to the maximum.

Places to Eat Near Chilanthi Ambalam:

Surely, to make a trip complete, good food is a must. And we have right that here. So, here is a list of places to eat near Chilanthi Ambalam:

Aryaas Vegetarian Restaurant:

Location: No.663, Adoor Tower, K P Road, Adoor, Pathanamthitta – 691523, Near Karikkineth Silks

Phone: +91 479 245 1302

Timings: 6:30 am to 10:00 pm


Distance: 9.1 km

The Aryaas Vegetarian Restaurant is a decent restaurant in Adoor and serves a wide variety of vegetarian food. Also, the service is good and fast, and the ambiance is average.

Furthermore, the taste of the food is great and you will surely return back for more. And the cherry on top is the economic price at which they offer the food. Parking is also available here. So, do visit the restaurant when on a trip to Chilanthi Ambalam.

Spoken Languages: Local languages and English.

Saketham Family Restaurant:

Location: Kodumon, Pathanamthitta – 691555

Phone: +(91)-9744678955

Timings: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

Distance: 1.4 km

The Saketham Family Restaurant is a good restaurant nearby. Indeed, it is really close to the temple, so close that you can walk till hereafter the darshan and have a sumptuous meal to satiate your hunger. The restaurant serves some really good dishes. Thus, it is the best restaurant in the Kodumon and one of the best restaurants in Pathanamthitta.

So, do remember to visit this restaurant on your trip to Kodumon. Due to its proximity to the temple, it will not take long before you reach here and food is in front of you within a matter of minutes.

Hotel Mubarak:

Location: Adoor, Pathanamthitta – 691523, Opposite Marya Hospital.

Timings: 6:30 am to 11:00 pm

Distance: 8 km

The Hotel Mubarak is another decent hotel in Adoor. Although it may not be as close to the temple as Saketham Family Restaurant, it also offers great food. You can always head over here for a meal. Definitely, we would recommend Hotel Aryaas for having a meal, but if you do not have time to go to it, then, you can definitely stop by Saketham Family Restaurant and have your lunch/dinner or even breakfast.

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So, this was all about the Chilanthi Ambalam or Palliyara Sree Bhagavathy Temple. We hope you liked the article. If you want any place or city covered, please mention it in the comments below. We will be glad to add it.

Chilanthi Ambalam Kodumon

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