Amwaj Beach, The Perfect Holiday Destination in Bahrain 2020

Amwaj Beach is a perfect archipelago that is full of spectacular beaches. With the upcoming summer weather, Bahrain will be the ideal destination where you can spend your vacation. This beach is a fantastic attraction to this country.

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As everyone likes to relax on beaches and loves to enjoy water sports, this beach is considered the center of tourist attractions. Particularly in the summer months, this beach gets crowded by tourists and locales. 

This beach is not a strict public beach, and this beach attracts lots of people on weekends. On this beach, there are many areas where people can reach the sea and can enjoy swimming.

Amwaj beach Bahrain

People also can sit on the shore and can see kite surfers. With excellent financial services and tourist attractions, this beach appears one of the most successful ventures of Amwaj Island. This beach is considered as the first freehold area in Bahrain, and this beach continued to be a leading attraction for international and regional investors.

In Bahrain, this beach was the first manmade project. Now you will get detailed information about Amwaj beach so that you can enjoy your perfect holiday here at this Beach.

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Attractions near This beach

Amwaj beach makes good use of its excellent views and nature. There are a few fascinating attractions near this beach. 

azizia bird kingdom near amwaj beach bahrain
Azizia Bird Kingdom

Azizia Bird Kingdom- 

It is a unique attraction situated near the Amwaj beach. If you love nature and love to explore new bird species, then the Azizia Bird Kingdom is the perfect place for you. There are more than 70 species of colorful and rare birds in this place.

aziza bird kingdom near amwaj beach bahrain
Aziza Bird Kingdom

This bird kingdom also includes the biggest pigeon of the world, Java peacocks, and Red-vented cockatoo. The Azizia Bird Kingdom is one of the best attractions near this beautiful beach that you should include in the Bahrain tour package. 

lagoon park near amwaj beach bahrain
Lagoon Park Bahrain

The Lagoon Park- 

This park is located at the heart of the Amwaj beach. Lagoon Park is spread within an area of about 55,000 square meters. This park offers a bunch of exciting activities that suit every family member. You also can get a spa in Lagoon Park.

Here you also can attend one of the art and cultural festivals organized in this park. Moreover, you can go for shopping across the outlets of the most popular lifestyle brands or can enjoy a delicious meal in the nearby restaurants. 

Amwaj Beach Bahrain

Water sports in Amwaj beach

The isolated location of the Amwaj beach that is located far from the busy life of the city offers generous space for relaxing and exciting water sports.

Most of the villas and homes in this beach grant prompt access to the beautiful Azure waters and make it easy to enjoy exciting water activities. You can learn diving with the Boating International Sea Services Marina, which is situated right around the corner of this beach.

water sports in amwaj beach bahrain
water sports in Amwaj beach Bahrain

You also can participate in various types of water activities such as windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing, swimming, wakeboarding, and fishing. 

Overall, if you are planning to go to a unique place where you can enjoy a highly luxurious holiday, there you can visit the Amwaj beach.

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