You Can Make Your Notes Private

You Can Make Your Notes Private


We live in a world where the internet is given a lot of importance. We can’t even leave our house without having internet service. We need the internet for many different things including our school and office work. We also need the internet to maintain our social life. We usually text or video call our friends and family regularly using the internet. These conversations or chats are meant to be private all the time. There is a constant fear of our chats leaking out. But with the help of noteswe can make our conversations with friends and family private every time. 


We are always active on various social media platforms and crave validation or attention from them. There is a constant need of keeping up with the latest information about fashion or trends when it comes to social media. We have at least one social media app on our mobile phones where the purpose is to socialize with people we know or don’t know but in different ways. On these apps, we text with other people publicly or privately according to our preferences. But usually, people prefer to chat with another person privately as they don’t want others to know the subject they are talking about. 


Privacy is considered the most important thing for a person and invading anybody’s privacy is not at all moral. Everybody has the right to privacy and the invasion of privacy is also considered a crime in many countries. There are different types of punishments for people who try to invade someone’s privacy all around the world. One can invade your privacy virtually or in real life. There are many different ways of invading privacy virtually, as online hackers can log into your social media accounts. They can also hack your mobile phone and go through all your apps on your mobile. 


They can hack your social media and send inappropriate texts or images to others by pretending to be you. It is considered highly unethical and these hackers might face jail for doing this. Hence you must be attentive and protective of your social media apps. You must put in a strong password so nobody can easily log into your accounts. One must also make sure that they don’t share their password with anyone and anywhere. These hackers can even hack into your bank accounts through your mobile phones. Hence you must not share pin codes or passwords out in public. 


You must be aware while using the internet as many hackers are trying to sabotage your online presence. Multiple media personalities or celebrities face an invasion of privacy by hackers. So you should use social media and the internet while being alert. Even if you click on any random link on the internet, the hackers will be able to retrieve all your information within a few seconds. Hence one must never use an illegal website to do anything on the internet. You should only use approved and secured websites and apps online. 


What Are Private Notes Or Messages? 


Private notes are the messages you send to people personally when you don’t want anyone else to know about them. Many communication services or social media apps allow you to send individual texts to anybody available on that service or app. You can even send a message to somebody living in another country using these services. You chat with that person one-on-one or you can also create a group of people so you can send the message to everyone at once. All these texts are maintained private and won’t be leaked outside unless somebody hacks into your mobile phone or social media account. 


There are two types of private messages, personal messages, and direct messages. A personal message is a text you send to somebody without needing a social media app. To send a personal message to someone, you need their mobile number saved on your phone. It only works when both the sender and receiver have their sim cards. For a direct message, you need a social media app. The sender and the receiver of the message must have their respective accounts on the same social media app. So you can directly send or receive messages to or from anybody on that particular app. 


These messages will protect your privacy and won’t have to worry about your texts getting leaked publicly. Though we don’t need all our messages to be a secret all the time as the information or the chats might be very trivial or vague. But sometimes, the information can be so precise and personal that the person might feel the need to keep it away from the public eye. This information can be about anything that is crucial on many different levels and might contain the power to affect people’s lives in various stages. So people felt the need to send private messages. 


How To Send Private Notes?  


You can send private notes to anybody by creating a personal link to that message and sending that link to the person via a text message or an e-mail. The best thing about a private message or note is that it disappears once the receiver views the message. There is no history present of the private message all over the internet once it is viewed. So you can use this service to send a top-secret message to anyone and you don’t have to worry about it getting leaked publicly. You can use this service to send multiple messages for free. The whole process of how to send a private message is mentioned below. 


  • Go to the website- visit the official website where you can send private notes or messages. 


  • Write a text- enter your message or text in the box designated to do so. As soon as you click on enter after typing the entire message, a link to that message will be created. You can’t change the message once the link is created. 


  • Share the link- then copy the link and share it with the person you want to send that message through email or text message. 

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