Anjumala Para | A Complete Tourism Guide 2021

With the fast-paced life and technological advancement, the workload and stress in the lives of people have increased drastically and people are always looking to dodge this stress and go someplace quiet and serene. 

The Anjumala Para is a wonderful place located in the Enadimangalam village present in the Pathanamthitta district of the state of Kerala. This small region is very popular for its scenic beauty and breathtaking spots. 

In this article, we will be providing a complete guide from the tourist point of view for this small yet beautiful place which will help our valuable readers to explore this place fully when they get the golden opportunity to visit this place. 

Getting to Know Anjumala Para

The Anjumala Para is a wonderful place that is considered to be the pride of South Indian tourism. This place is a major tourist attraction not only from Indian tourists but also from tourists from all around the world as it has many luxury Hotels and lodging centers available ranging from cheap prices to expensive suites.

This place has a major tourist footfall because of the large number of sightseeing places present in the vicinity. Apart from this, some of the sunrise and sunset points present in this small town provide breathtaking and mesmerizing moments to the tourist who is looking for an exotic and refreshing small trip away from the chaos of their routine.

This place is very well connected with the nearby towns and cities by the means of busses, auto-rickshaws, cabs, and two-wheelers. The people who live in the nearby region visit this place on weekends with their friends and family members for leisure and breaking the monotony of life.

In this informational article, we will be providing a complete tourism guide for all the travel enthusiasts and nature lovers who are planning to visit this beautiful city in the coming future along with their friends and family members. 

We will be providing the list of the must-visit places in this region which are personally explored by our travel bloggers along with the various special offerings by the local vendors.

Kerala Tourism

The state of Kerala is famous for its scenic beauty and lush green forest which cover thousands of hectares. This region has a wide variety of flora and fauna which is loved and admired by the tourists who travel not only from India but from different parts of the world. 

In this particular state, the South Indian culture and the traditions are preserved from the past many centuries and the same is offered in the form of experience to the tourists. The local people provide transportation facilities along with the boarding and lodging facilities to the tourists.

These people also provide traditional delicacies to the people who visit their place to travel so that their small village or town becomes famous and more people are attracted to them which will further result in more revenue generation.

The state of Kerala has various mesmerizing viewpoints and small cities to visit. Some of them include Munnar, Kochi, and Anjumala Para. All these places are interconnected with each other with the help of the state buses and transportation system along with the private taxi and cab services which are run by the local people. 

The tourists are welcomed by the local people with enthusiasm and joy and are treated as their family members. This hospitality and warmth have resulted in attracting thousands of tourists to this particular place every year. 

The environment of this particular state is so romantic which has resulted in making the majority of the couple’s plan their honeymoon in this particular state.

Distances from Nearby Famous Points

The famous place of Anjumala Para is located between huge hills which are lush green in color as they are covered with bushes and trees. This place is connected very well with the nearby cities with the help of local public transport, busses, cab services, and even with auto rickshaws. 

This place is situated at a distance of around 210 kilometers from the beautiful city of Munnar, which can be easily covered in 4 to5 hours using transport services and an amazing network of highways. 

This place is also well connected with the international airport located in Trivandrum, Kerala which is situated somewhere at a distance of 90 kilometers from the main market of Anjumala Para. 

The city can be explored by all the people whether to be localities or international tourists by the means of local cab services and stay at the hotels which are present in the region. 

At the same time, these people can also enjoy the various traditional delicacies which are being made in this region of Anjumala from the past many decades.

This place is considered to be one of the best places if someone wants to celebrate their honeymoon as the lush green hills along with the waterfalls increases the element of romance in the air and attracts a lot of couples from the nearby areas.

Local Population

The population of Anjumala Para consists of a mixed bag of people who belong to different religions and ethnicities. The majority of the people who are living there are Hindus, who worship god by visiting temples daily. 

Some portion of the population also Christians and Muslims. This section of the society worships their god by visiting the Church and the Mosque respectively, which are present in the local areas. 

All these people live in peace and harmony with each other and try to earn their livelihood by providing eating items or tourism-related facilities to all the people visiting their place for leisure.

The difference in the culture and the consumption of food between these people of various ethnicities have not resulted in creating distances but has instead contributed to increasing the harmony between them and at the same time provide proper hospitality to the tourist so that their small region becomes famous among the people and the footfall increases every year. 

The peace and harmony of the people living in this region are taken as a positive example for all the Indians who are living in different states.

Climate and Temperature

The region of Anjumala is situated above the normal sea level at a good height which makes it a little cooler in terms of temperature from the normal cities which are present in the country of India. 

This reason is the main contributor in attracting the local or the Indian National tourists from around the country as for them it provides the feeling of a hill station where they can come with their friends and family members and enjoy a short and sweet trip close to nature and forget all their miseries and tensions of the life.

Also, the average rainfall in this particular place is a little more when compared with the majority of the states present in India. During the time of monsoon, the mountains which are present in the nearby region act as a natural waterfall which creates small picnic spots for all the tourist who are present in that area.

The average temperature of this particular place varies between 5 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius. People like to visit this place round the year but the footfall of the tourist is a little less during the time of monsoon. 

This is because the roads and the mountains become slippery from tourists as some accidents are always bound to happen due to wet surfaces.

Please stay with us till the end of the article as we will be covering some of the best places to visit in the region of Anjumala para along with the offerings by the local vendors. 

We will also be providing a glimpse of the various festivals that are celebrated by the people living in the state of Kerala and the duration of the temples along with the opening time and closing time so that the religious tourists can explore the same in one visit itself.

Places to Visit in Anjumala Para

A lot of mesmerizing and beautiful places are present in the Anjumala Para present in the state of Kerala in the southern part of India. These places are one of the best when it comes to visiting nature and experiencing lush Greenfields. 

Anjumala Para Places to Vist

A list of must-visit places when a person is visiting this particular place from tourism are given below along with the brief description of that particular place:

1. Lush Green Forests

The region of Anjumala Para is covered with beautiful lush green trees and bushes till hundreds of kilometers. A person who is a nature lover and wants to experience the true beauty of nature will enjoy this particular trip. 

Scenic Beauty anjumala para

The place has a wide variety of flora and fauna which is spread over hundreds of hectares. Special kinds of birds along with the beautiful flowers of various varieties make the view even more pleasing to the eye. 

During the time of rainfall, this forest gets cleaned up and when the sunshine falls on the wet leaves it gives rise to the rainbow in the sky which becomes a beautiful background for the tourist for taking pictures and creating lifetime memories.

2. Sunrise Point

The sunrise point present in Anjumala Para is a place that experiences the majority of the footfall in terms of tourism. This place is covered with tourists every morning because of the beautiful valley and the highest point from where one can easily spot the mesmerizing rising sun and click wonderful pictures of light red colored Sky. 

Sunrise and Sunset anjumalapara

The view is so beautiful that it resembles the scene of sky catching fire and the clouds look like the smoke coming out of the fire.

The sunrise point has a lot of eating joints present around the area which offer a lot of traditional delicacies to the tourists. 

These recipes are being used in the state of Kerala and South India from the past many centuries and are loved by not only the local people but also by the people living in different states of India. These recipes are then followed by the tourists in their native places once they go back to their homes.

3. Sunset Point

Just like the sunrise point present in Anjumala Para, the sunset point is also famous for its mesmerizing and beautiful view. The sunset point is located at a great height with an empty Valley in front of it providing the late-night sunset view to all the tourists. 

The deep empty Valley acts as a passage for the last ray of sunlight which falls on the top of the mountain from where all the people can easily see the setting sun.

The sunset point has been covered by a lot of famous bloggers and travel experts because of its scenic beauty and has also been part of various regional as well as national cinema movies. This place is also famous for the stunts which are performed by teenagers and young people using ropes.

4. Shree Sankara Narayana Swamy Temple

Shree Sankara Narayana Swamy Temple is one of the major tourist attractions of the region of Anjumala Para.

Swami Shankaranarayana Temple

This Temple is one of the most ancient temples present in the state of Kerala and is located approximately 45 km is north of the city of Thiruvananthapuram. 

The God who is worshipped in this particular temple is Shankaranarayana or Hari Hara. This god is considered to be a combined deity form of half Lord Shiva and half Lord Vishnu. 

This Temple has a wonderful standing Idol of the god whose right-hand side is a representation of Lord Shiva and the left-hand side is the representation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva can be seen standing with Nandi and Lord Vishnu can be seen standing with Garuda.

This particular temple is built using granite and also has numerous sub-shrines installed in it. It is an east-facing temple and is built on a circular design. On the day of Ashtami, the devotees offer various food delicacies and perform the Pooja to the temple elephant Devnarayan on the day of Vinayaka Chaturthi.

The temple opens every day 4 in the morning till 11 and again opens around 5 in the evening till 8 in the night. 

Festival Celebration

Many festivals are celebrated in the region of Anjumala Para. But the annual festival celebrated in this region happens in the temple of Shankar Narayan Swami Temple.

The festival which happens in the temple is in May which starts from the Uthrattathi Nakshatra.

This particular festival is celebrated for 10 days and is done uniquely. For the start of the festival, there is a tradition famous by the name of Sayana Pradakshinam by the devotees in the vicinity of the temple itself. 

The ritual of worshipping the elephant is conducted from the second day till the ninth day of the festival.

5. Nethaji Memorial Grandhasala library

The book lovers are present all around the world who like to read different types of historical scriptures and stories which are present in the local libraries of all the tourism places. 

Nethaji Library Anjumala Para

These books and scholarly articles tell us about the history of that particular place and what all famous incidents have taken place which resulted in the formation and as well as the tradition of that region.

One of the places which contain all such books for avid book readers is the Nethaji Memorial Grandhasala library which is present in the interior of the village of Anjumala Para.

This particular library is one of the best public libraries which is present in the region of Enadimangalam Panchayath present in the state of Kerala in the southern part of India. 

The actual date of the existence of this particular library is still unknown but some of the local people believe that it was established somewhere around the year 1940.

It is not a very huge building but it has a spacious reading room for all the book lovers along with a conference hall. 

It also consists of a computer center where the books which are not available in the hard copy can be easily searched and read in the form of PDF files. This library consists of a very huge stock of old and new books along with the different editions which are printed over the years.

6. Local Markets

The local markets of Anjumala Para offer a wide variety of local handmade garments for both males and females. This cloth is made up of using traditional items which are found in the forest of the local area and are made by the local people itself.

People like to enjoy the traditional delicacies offered by the local street vendors. These food items are being consumed and prepared by the local people from the past many centuries and have become an integral part of the tourism of Kerala.

The local vendors also serve these delicacies on the banana leaf or on the plates which are made up of dry leaves which helps in making the trip memorable from the tourist point of view.

One can also enjoy adventure sports which happen in limited parts of the city where you can involve in activities like mountain climbing and mountain rappelling.

7. Boating

If you are planning to visit the small town of Anjumala Para during the monsoon season, then you can enjoy the boating services which are provided by the local people present in that particular region. 

During the time of monsoon or heavy rainfall, small pits and ponds are formed in the forest and open areas where the local fisherman and other vendors provide boating services to the tourists present there. 

These boating services are offered at affordable prices and at the same time provide revenue generation for the local people so that they can improve their standard of living by earning their livelihood. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. Which is the nearest airport to Anjumala Para?

The nearest international airport to the place of Anjumala Para is the Trivandrum International Airport which is present somewhere around 90 kilometers away from the main market of this place.

2. What transport facilities are present in the town of Anjumala Para?

One can easily visit the nearby places present in the region of Anjumala Para using the local cab and taxi services along with the buses and auto-rickshaws. All these services are provided at a reasonable cost by the local cab drivers.

3. Why is Anjumala Para worth visiting?

Anjumala Para is famous for its scenic beauty and lush green forests. This particular place is also famous for its breath-taking sunrise and sunset points along with the various waterfalls which activate during the monsoon season.

4. What is the distance of Munnar from the town of Anjumala Para?

The town of Anjumala Para is situated at an approximate distance of 200 kilometers from the main market of Munnar. This distance can be easily covered in a span of 4 to 5 hours via buses and cabs. 

5. Which tourist spots are available in Anjumala Para? 

Some of the must-visit tourist spots present in Anjumala Para include the Nethaji Memorial Grandashala Library, Swami Shankaranarayana temple, and the beautiful sunrise and sunset points. Also, the waterfalls during the monsoon season are to die for. 

Final Verdict

The Anjumala Para is a beautiful heaven-like place situated in the state of Kerala in the southern part of India. This place receives a good amount of rainfall due to which it is considered to be a proper picnic spot for enjoying the lush green trees along with the waterfalls.

People, not only from India but also from various countries come to this particular place for experiencing the beautiful sunset and sunrise along with the traditional delicacies which are prepared here by the local people from the past many centuries.

So, our travel experts highly recommend this particular place for you if you are a nature enthusiast and at the same time are traveling to the wonderful state of Kerala.

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