US travel Checklist from India and Other Checklists Sorted 2020

Every individual willing to move abroad faces the same dilemma. Not only is it difficult but also quite stressful to come up with the perfect travel plan. This includes a knowledge of the correct checklist for international travel from India. Also, the Indian travel checklist is quite difficult to understand as it is long and tiring. One of the most complex issues is the understanding of the US travel checklist from IndiaStatistically, the majority of the migrant population chooses the USA for education and travel. Hence this particular aspect comes for an important consideration.

Also, when the students are looking at the MS in the US packing list, it appears doubtful and puzzling. This is because of the fact that the official guidelines and the laws are pretty strict. The requirements are also very extensive. In addition to the normal packing, the MS in the US packing list includes a mountain of documents for smooth sailing.  

There are also variable cases, for example, parents or elders traveling abroad. Another complication is dietary habits. Because of diverse food habits, people find it difficult to adapt to foreign diets at once. So every traveler needs to be familiar with the food items to carry to the USA from India.

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We try to be a Helping Hand:

Our aim is to assist every student and traveler as much as possible. We try to provide every individual with the correct Indian travel checklist. The assistance to parents and other travelers is also endless. Moreover, the insight about the best bag for traveling from India will help the travelers to pack light and fast. By doing so, we also make the life of every traveler as easy as we can. Special Emphasis on the US travel checklist from India also finds a place to solve the queries of travelers.

A Handy Guide for MS in the US Packing List:

For the purpose of safe travel and security, the USA always has a long list of regulations. These regulations are also applicable to travelers from all across the world. While traveling from India for pursuing MS, a person needs to prepare nicely. Preparations such as going through the correct MS in the US packing list and checklist is important. Not only it saves unnecessary hassle but also provides safety and insurance to the person.

An elaborate idea of the US travel checklist from India serves to be very helpful as well. Before going through these lists, it is very important for the students to understand and emphasize proper selections. Because of unawareness, a lot of students often miss golden opportunities. We try to assist by solving every confusion and also making their lives easy.

Some key points that make it easy for the MS in the US packing list will be under discussion.

choosing the right institution is one of the importent things in US travel checklist from India
US travel checklist from India

Choosing the right institution:

It is very important to choose the right institute for your particular course. Not only the name but also the history of the institute matters. Because of a lot of fraudulent schemes, students are often in a state of helplessness. To avoid this, the starting point of the MS in the US packing list is choosing the best college. The US travel checklist from India also includes a lot of documents from the college side. Thus it is a huge concern for students to choose the right target.

Identifying the Requirements and Clearing the Exams:

Every university has individual requirements. Hence it is important to understand and apply accordingly. To make sure of your eligibility is very important for following the MS in the US packing list.

The qualifying results of particular exams are also important for the checklist for international travel from India. As a student, it is necessary to identify the right exam for the right college application. Some important exams that make it to the list are:

  • GRE: Inclusive for most management studies
  • MCAT: Inclusive for medical aspirants
  • TOEFL: For people who do not practice English as their native language.
  • LSAT: Especially meant for students of LAW stream

Making a Timely application:

The timely application is an important aspect of the MS in the US packing list. Not only this give early selection but also enough time to organize documents. By early application, an aspirant gets a head start in following the US travel checklist from India. This gives plenty of time to ask for college documents for completing the US travel checklist from India.

  • Shortlist the right names
  • Prepare a table of deadlines
  • Fill the forms timely
  • Submit well in advance
  • Ask for all relevant documents to complete the US travel checklist from India.

Provide the Complimenting Documents:

If present, a recommendation can work wonders. Hence try to include it. Meanwhile, the Essay for entrance should be your own creation. The basic additional documents should also be in the form of a checklist. This checklist should accompany the MS in the US checklist to stay vigilant. Certain recommendable additions are:

  • Letter of Purpose
  • Letter of Undertaking
  • Essay for Application
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Score Sheet or Qualification Letter
  • Recommendation from the right person or institution.

As a result of proper and methodical organization, last-minute trouble is easily avoidable. In this case of MS education in the USA, the MS in the US checklist plays an important role. Because of the fact that the USA has most of the major Educational hubs, this awareness is important. By staying on their feet, students can compete and win easily.

The different states of the USA also have different regulations for students. The state-wise consideration is also important for the US travel checklist from India.  Some rough points that the students will focus on while making preparations are under discussion.

  • Adjusting the baggage to appropriate requirements.
  • Packing essential items for the first time around.
  • Students also need to make sure the college and exam documents from previous discussions are in order.
  • Bank deposits and local currency for use.
  • Official letter from the college for official use and also its copies
  • An official documents to prove Indian citizenship
  • Understanding of the airline guidelines which can vary
  • No carrying of illegal or prohibited substances under restriction by Federal Law.
  • Insurance papers for travel and stay
  • Visa and other also the travel documentation of necessity.
  • Means of communication for staying in contact.

The small factors of the US travel checklist from India keep changing. The above points are helpful in completing the majority of preparation without any hiccups for the students. By doing so, the MS in the US travel checklist becomes a piece of cake for people.

The Easiest Checklist for international travel from India:

Traveling to and from your native land is always a big headache. Even for well-managing professionals, it is a challenging task. By addressing the needs in the form of a checklist, it becomes easy to address and circle out necessary issues. Because of the variations in international regulation, the checklist can vary as well.

The Easiest Checklist for international travel from India
US travel checklist from India

The demand for checklist depends on the factors of Who, What, Where, and Why. This includes:

  • Who is traveling
  • Why is the traveling necessary
  • What is the purpose behind travel
  • Where is the destination of the travel plan

Most Indian citizens on the international schedule will also relate to the pressure of the task. In addition to the official requirements, the unofficial ones are very taxing as well. Scenes like that of last-minute confusion and chaos are very common. To avoid these unnecessary losses, the checklist for international travel from India is the best resource.

The first part of fixing a venue or a place is very important. Since most of the travel from India happens to the US, the US travel checklist from India will also be given separate emphasis.

Meanwhile, we put in efforts to give a brief yet assertive understanding of the topic. Take a reading for understanding the requirement of the checklist for international travel from India:

  • Nicely arrange the tickets: The relevant details of the traveling person is given. The date and time should also be the correct one. Checking the ticket is always helpful in advance preparation of travel.
  • Documents and their Xerox: Once the ticket is good, check the documents. The documents will also vary as per the person who is traveling. Meanwhile, the major list of requirements is given right at the start. In the rare case of losing an important document, always keep an extra copy. These documents can include Passport, CDC, COC, Guarantee Letter, Sponsorship Letter, Letter of responsibility, etc.
  • Proper Authentication of Visa: Always avail the right visa and also the right purpose. A lot of trouble happens because of wrong Visa issues. This may include the date of the issue, the extent of the stay, purpose of stay, work requirement, etc.
  • Contact Means: Sim-card, E-mails, contact numbers, and an idea of local code is necessary. The checklist for international travel from India will essentially focus on this aspect.
  • Use of Proper Currency: Keep an adequate amount of currency as per the destination. Meanwhile, the rate of exchange can vary but the availability can vary as well. Do not land in a situation where you don’t have any local money in a country.
  • Insurance for Stay and Travel: This is a very important point. In order to cover for the loss of any kind during your travel and stay, insurance is essential. It covers theft, physical harm, baggage, documents, and much more.
  • Vaccines and Medication Prescription: It is important to get the vaccines in order to stay away from diseases. Also, people with a history of diseases such as diabetes, etc. should have the correct medicines with the right list. 

Detailing the US travel checklist from India and other aspects:

Given the nature of travel and also the need, the US offers a variety of solutions. It is a myth that traveling to the US is difficult or has any complications. By knowing the right things of Do’s and Don’ts, a person can prepare in advance. Given that the topic also needs to address other travel issues of specific people, those will come later. Certain points from the checklist for international travel from India remain the same.

To prevent the idea of integrity and safety, the USA always pays close attention to the right documents. Hence it is not necessary to have lots of documents, but just the right ones. Since the student requirements are a part of early discussions, we focus more on normal travelers, elderly, food, and luggage requirements. So to discuss in length about the US travel checklist from India, let’s take a point-wise approach:

  • Tickets with the right date, time and traveler details
  • Passport of valid existence
  • I-797 of the right kind (if it is to be taken)
  • Visa of also the right kind
  • Sponsorship letter/ Guarantee letter
  • Details of stay in the US (Hotel, relative, friend, etc.)
  • Certificate of Identification of National recognition
  • LCA form if essential and the I-129 as well
  • Joining letter/ Company letter (for first-time joiners)
  • Travel Insurance Papers and proof
  • Declaration form for custom clearance
  • Details of agent/ holiday agency if on a trip or holiday
  • Travel itinerary if also moving within the USA to different places
  • Proof of relationship with the guarantor

While most points are generic and have the explanations before, the new ones need little emphasis. The special points in focus for the US travel checklist from India are going to be:

Type of Visa: Because of the large immigration demands, the US has its visa in different varieties. This is also taken care of at the embassy where the officials are very strict about the right reason, resources, and requirement for travel. By applying the right way, one can save a lot of time and energy.  

Special Forms: Forms like LCA, I-797, and its types, etc. are user-specific. Hence, be sure to choose the right ones (if you need it) and apply and fill in due course. Always keep a copy in order to avoid unnecessary headaches.

Custom Declaration and Receipts: Another important point in the US travel checklist from India. Keep in mind the requirements, one should plan appropriately. Declare the gold and other ornaments you are carrying. Also, the items you are purchasing from duty-free need a separate bill and mention. Items like liquor etc. will go for checking and you need to provide billing evidence.

Sponsorship letter: Essential requirement for people traveling for jobs and education. This is like a guarantee of your travel and also that you need to be in the US for a purpose. Make sure to keep enough copies along with the other documents of the US travel checklist from India

Details of agent/travel agency: A lot of people get the desire to travel and explore the US. If it is being done via agent or holiday planners, their letter is also important. They act as the ensuring party and the medium between the individual and representatives. In order to avoid confrontations, keep the personal number of agents as well.

Detail of travel plan within the US: This is again necessary for people who are also traveling across the country. This plan needs to be given right at the start and is also a statement of purpose in a way for your travel.

Mentioning the Food items to carry to the USA from India:

General restrictions on the carriage of food items as a result of health and safety concerns are common. The US travel checklist from India cannot individually deal with every particular item. Because of the cultural difference and different diets, people often carry these items along with their luggage. Hence, it is necessary to emphasize on select items that often create trouble.

It is also not necessary that something which looks safe to us will be safe as per the US guidelines. While some food items have the chance of contamination and rotting, others carry live products, etc. That is why the section is not a part of the US travel checklist from India to avoid confusion.

Mentioning the Food items to carry to the US travel checklist from India
US travel checklist from India

The list of items shall be clear to anyone willing to travel to the US without any problems:

  • Coffee with brand certification and proper packaging
  • Cheese of most common types (final decision of authority)
  • Foods for feeding the baby under proper sealing
  • Spices that are dry in nature.
  • Packages with commercial labeling given that no tampering is visible.
  • Chocolates and products readily meeting FDA guidelines
  • Honey packets also with proper sealing
  • Tea of all types with sealing and labeling
  • Liquids as per the rule (100 ml or upon the discretion of authority)
  • Dry fruits of certain types (authority discretion)
  • Cold drinks and energy drink with proper sealing and label
  • Dry nuts, roast nuts and also after boiling but with proper packaging
  • Properly clean and identifiable ginger

In addition to this list, a few more products make the list of the food items to carry to the USA from India. However, because of the controversies involving them, we suggest it is better to avoid carrying them totally. Most food products are also easily available in the USA as a result of globalization. So do not take any chances as it can result in unnecessary problems at the custom and airport. Special attention should be given on the limit of Alcohol a person can carry. It also depends on whether the purchase is custom free and also on the interconnecting flights.

A helpful explanation of the Checklist for Parents Travelling from India to the USA:

Traveling to the USA or any other country is quite challenging, especially for parents. For travelers who take lesser trips, even more so. This is because of the difference in standards of checking, security, restriction, and allowances. Mostly, the parents should take precautions, in order to avoid any last-minute problems.

Due to the large population of students studying across the entire USA, the regulation can also vary. Individual states and local authorities also have their own requirements. The US travel checklist from India covers most of the generic points without a doubt. Some special points focusing on parents and elders fall in the checklist for parents traveling from India to the USA. The checklist prepares you well in advance to eliminate unnecessary surprises.

TO avoid getting into any confrontations or problems, we expect users to take a point-wise understanding. It creates the chance for a smooth journey and a successful meeting with your child. The checklist for parents traveling from India to the USA will also have generic points. The explanation is for the specific ones that need main attention.


Proper stamping by authorities, clear image, and proper cover. Do not make any damage to the passport. Include old ones as well if the passport is an extension of them.


Clear and specific purpose while VISA application. The details of your child need to be correct. The verification and approval process is important for the US travel checklist from India. The length of the visa should suit the purpose the parents are traveling for.

Checklist for Parents Travelling from India to the USA
US travel checklist from India

Clothes of all kinds:

The seasonal variation can be different. It is safe to store clothes of all types, especially woolen and jacket. Spare should be kept separately to avoid loss of everything at once in case of baggage mix up.


This is again the same from the US travel checklist from India. This gives a clear explanation of every official looking for the purpose and schedule of visit. It also helps with getting ideas and suggestions while traveling.

Contact of the Student:

In case of need, this contact should create a direct link to the person studying there. The checklist for international travel from India also has this important point.

Foods that are Legal to Carry:

This is to avoid immediate trouble with diet. Since the eating culture is different, hence it is also important to keep certain products. The Food items to carry to the USA from India will give the correct facts about all the queries.

Local Currency for Regular Use:

Spare change plays an important role. Enough spare currency means that the normal tasks are easily done. The exchange rates can also vary depending on location. Better to keep sufficient currency and distribute it nicely among the passengers.

Insurance Details for the trip:

Always keep the trip under insurance. Even the customs also needs to check these documents. Meanwhile, always keep a spare copy or two for them.

Contact Methods:

E-Mail, Phone number, friend’s record, or any other medium of contact is necessary too. It ensures you are traveling safely with an idea of security and connectivity.

Proper Forms:

Fill up all the documents and form them in advance. Also, keep the documents necessary for immigration in your direct sight. Do not delay any form filling or official steps.

Be Ready for a Diverse Lifestyle:

Something that the US travel checklist from India or the checklist for parents traveling from India to the USA cannot explain. The culture in the USA is very different from your country and its traditions. Hence, be prepared for a minor shock when you touchdown.

Once these points are in the understanding, your trip and stay to the US will be a smooth one. The students need to guide their parents as well from time to time because they have a better idea. This not only includes legal but also lifestyle suggestions.

Another point is to keep connections with any agents or family members that are already in the US. This ensures that the person can stay in touch and adapt to the conditions too. The age-specific requirements for traveling are also important. In order to avoid any hassle, take proper medical precautions. Keep clean prescriptions and medication in the pouch and declare it safe.

Explaining the need and points of the India Travel Checklist:

Millions of people choose to come to and go from India annually for visits and tourism. Cultural heritage, historical significance, and relational values are also a huge source of attraction. This means that India is one of the leading prospects in attracting travelers.

Therefore, to serve the basic queries, a list of guidelines is necessary. The India travel checklist is just like the US travel checklist from India but made for the tourists. To have a great time and enjoy without any hesitation, follow these points religiously.

The India travel checklist also helps in picking the right stuff in the right way to keep your trip efficient and precise. Take a look at the brief points that can make your time easy and enjoyable.

Explaining the need and points of the us travel checklist from india
US travel checklist from India


Pack the right way out:

Do not overload your luggage. Keep the right articles and also in the right numbers. The document folder and also the shoulder bag is to be kept securely. Meanwhile, keep a set or two of soft copies in order to ensure safety.

Passport and other documents:

The main, as well as previous passports, are important. If traveling on an official trip, keep the ID and the legal documents intact. CDC and other documents are also important for custom clearance.

Visa and supporting papers:

Ensure the visa is available well in time. The extent of stay should be there on the visa. Additional extensions and their documents are necessary to keep as well.

Local currency and sufficient small change:

To avoid hassle or trouble at stoppages and exchanges. In order to avoid tricking, keep this well in advance so that you can stay safe and also relax.

Address of local guide or person-in-charge:

If it is the first time, you need to be alert too. Definitely keep the local address and contact details to ensure safe passage. In order to avoid traveling confusion, memorize the address so that nobody tricks you.

Immigration forms in a particular language:

For the Non-English population, carrying the particular immigration form is important too. In order to keep assurance, have a copy of the form in your hand luggage at all times.

Luggage Requirements and rates:

If you are packing heavy, you need to focus on the luggage limit too. Most airlines charge significant rates for overweight luggage. Because of this, always keep a check of the weight scale.

Insurance papers:

This is necessary for safe travel time. Ensure your entire travel and stay too. Keep the original insurance papers along with the document case and an online copy as well to ensure safety and security.

Sunglasses and Summer Clothing:

On the personal front, always keep a pair of aviators to beat the heat. Meanwhile, for people traveling from cold places, keep summer clothing even for Indian winters. The India travel checklist mentions this small item to make sure you don’t feel sweaty in the warm climate.

Vaccine certificates and Prescriptions:

All important vaccinations and certificates are necessary. In order to stay healthy and prove your requirements, take vaccines, and keep the certificates. Keep a proper set of prescription medicines to ensure safe passage. Mostly these medicines are available worldwide but can be kept for safety too.

This ensures that you are mostly ready for your adventure or official trip. The personal packing details will be under discussion in further topics. The special attention should also be on

  • Food items to carry
  • Liquid volume to carry
  • Allowable content of Alcohol
  • Number/Packets of cigarettes
  • Any special regulation on pets as per local guidelines
  • Particular electronics in the list that are not advisable
  • Size (Dimension) of the baggage to carry

This sets you on the way for your trip. Keep a print out of the India travel checklist and keep checking points as you keep proceeding. Keep going for a better understanding of the India packing list male and also the India packing list female. It will also help a better understanding of the packing requirements.

India Packing List Male Requirements:

India is often a tricky destination to visit. The diversity is attractive but also challenging. Confusion can happen and people need to seek proper guidance. When you decide to visit the culturally rich land, it is important to pack light and tight. A good packing list ensures compactness and ease of traveling too. Not only is it a necessity but also a need of the hour. Instead of worrying about your travel, simply keep the packing list in mind to ensure safe passage. These items are available across the world and even in India. Certain items can vary in the rate so better pack them rather than searching the,.

India Packing List Male Requirements
US travel checklist from India

Right Items for the India Packing List Male:

  • Tissues or Paper napkin for cleanliness and sweat. It helps to beat the heat and also stay clean at the same time.
  • Cotton clothes and T-shirts for personal use ( Because of the hotter climate in comparison to most countries)
  • Shaving and grooming toolkit can be important. In addition to the usual stuff, keep an antiseptic cream or two as well.
  • A lightweight shoulder or traveler bag can be helpful to move from one place to another. It is also easier to deal with the documents and paperwork.
  • Shoes which are light (or sandals) will be nice too. They are helpful in daily travel and movement. The rates may be variable if you leave it till the last moment.
  • Allowable Food items as well. Keep them in proper packing and storage facilities. Make sure to label and carry cleanly.
  • Handkerchief will be handy in the long run too. It is pretty cheap to buy a good quality one in India also. Just for initial leverage, one can keep it.
  • The advice of Friends in a Pocket diary will help in small-time stuff. Note the travel rates and also how to negotiate with rickshaw and taxi riders. Keep the addresses and use the map regularly to avoid cheating.
  • Personal Essentials are necessary for people with specific requirements. The quality of products in the Indian market might vary too.
  • Translator or Language tool to help with the basic translation of a few items. Certain people will also not understand your language so always keep online tools.
  • Sim Card and Contacts of connecting people will be handy. In order to stay aware and update, this will help in the longer run.

A few items here and there can vary as per personal and professional use. Things such as pen, wallet, sunglasses, etc. can also be an addition. Hence add this list to your personal estimate and have a perfect idea.

India Packing list Female and its essential items for every female traveler: 

For female travelers, the desire to explore comes with the need for safety too. Any list that can confirm both will always be the perfect one to ensure their time is good. The explorer or traveler inside the female enthusiasts should not feel left out. Backpackers and official traveling can also be equally tricky. Just like the US travel checklist from India, this section tries to help the visitors by easy understanding too.

The ladies who are up for a visit of a lifetime can read the Indian Packing list female for a better and easy way out:

  • Easy Pants for traveling
  • Half Sleeve t-shirts for staying cool
  • Shorts for the party life
  • Dresses and Gowns to explore the metro city party life.
  • Sleepers or Crocs for ease of movement at hotels and lodge.
  • Mountain shoes for treks and adventure events
  • Travel Booklet for route maps and idea about the best places
  • Body lotion and Lip balm: for keeping the skin and face in good condition
  • Mosquito Lotion: because some places can have mosquitos in large numbers.
  • Peeing Cup: because using the public toilet in India is not as easy as abroad.
  • Scarves: to keep yourself away from pollution and heat.
  • Tampons: because it is not very easy to find in India, where sanitary pads are the main trend.
  • Plenty of sports innerwear: for trips and outings.
  • Jewelry: because India has a high sense of fashion for female jewelry
  • Water bottle: necessary for the initial days.
  • Comfortable shoulder bag: for packing the gift items you buy over here.
  • Internationally working sim-card: for the ease of connection to everyone.
  • Pocket diary with emergency contacts: to use in case of emergency.
  • Personal Electronic Devices: for entertainment through the trip and travel.

This sums up the initial packing. The details of the documents are also in the section for the India travel checklist.

The options that stand for the best bag for traveling India:

Once the checklist is over and the journey is arriving, you also need the right bag. Moreover, choosing the right bag can be tricky because of the location and variety of travel. It also includes the items you want to carry and the load you are willing to take.

Travel Bag for All Purpose
US travel checklist from India

Travel Bag for All Purpose

By shortlisting the options for the best bag for traveling India, it becomes easy and convenient. The right option has the perfect combination of price and also durability. Thus it is important to consider the main options from the list.

1. Targus TBR021:

  • Good for official and business use.
  • Easy to carry and also a light on the weighing scale.
  • Fits easily into small spaces.
  • Rugged material and flexible for use.
  • Long-range handle for the ease of movement.
  • Little high on price but has a long shelf life.

2.  American Tourister Crete Design:

  • Easy and affordable for the check-in genre.
  • Making is of polyester
  • 77 cm in size, meets the international requirements.
  • Lots of space for additional items.
  • Warranty of American Tourister available all over the world.

3. Safari 56 Liters Carry-On Bag:

  • Perfect ratio for a takeaway luggage trolley.
  • Easily available with Safari’s warranty.
  • Any external damage also falls under the cover.
  • Multiple sections for small items.
  • Lock and security to prevent from unnecessary use.
  • Extending handle for the ease of carrying across the area.

4. Samsonite Spinner Series:

  • International Warranty across every major country.
  • Useful for check-in and the take-on type too.
  • Provides a hard front
  • Gives durable travel safety even at rough handling terminals too.
  • Little heavy price range but efficient in the long view.


By going through a wide variety of checklists, it also becomes easy to plan and proceed. The US travel checklist from India is one of the good examples of planning and referring too. It is helpful to have a hand of trust when you travel or relocate to an unknown land. Our article also looks to provide every possible detail that makes for a good trip.

US travel checklist from India is one of the good examples of planning and referring too
US travel checklist from India

Questions that come to mind after the article (F.A.Q):

Q. How Many Bags do you check-in while traveling to the USA?

A. It depends on the decision of the Airline. Moreover, the country regulations as well. Some liners give the benefit of 2 bags, some take 1. Go through the itinerary list and detail section too.

Q. Who checks the food items and what is the guideline for the US travel checklist from India?

A.  There is already an elaborate guideline on the page too. The checking is the responsibility of the airport staff, custom, or other officials. Because of the legal rules, government officials can check as well.

Q. Is it helpful to prepare an India packing list female for travel ease?

A. Preparing a packing list is helpful for any different environment too. India is diverse in terms of the places you get to move. Thus, having a packing list is suggestible.

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