Top 5 High Paying Courses To Pursue After School

Are you out of your school?


The happiest days are over. Circumstances surrounding you will hurl you into reality. It’s time to prepare for your career. First, select a course that will define; show you the pathway of your life’s journey. 


No, you don’t need to worry or hurry, either. Take time to carry out your research. Don’t listen to unnecessary pieces of advice. You could watch films on Career Development. Download them from Try to understand which job will suit you in the days to come. So prepare yourself right from this very day. 


Are these thoughts frisk in your little brain? Congratulations! You are in the right place. We are going to discuss the top five high-paying courses to pursue after school. 

High Paying Courses To Pursue After School

There are many high-paying courses to pursue after school. But your brain and capabilities have their limits. So don’t blindly follow them all. Try to draw your attachment. Only then will you find the best match.

1. Engineering

Engineering is an umbrella term. There are diverse fields in engineering. All you need is to get an engineering degree from a reputed institution. According to the study and expectation of Project Employment Growth, there will be around 130000 posts vacant for engineers in different fields. 


These numbers are massive, undoubtedly. So you could take up an engineering course. 


The top five institutions from which you get an engineering degree include Harvard University, George Institute of Technology, Stanford University, California Institutes of Technology, and others.


2. Medicine

According to data, healthcare spending in the USA increased more than 9% in the year 2021 to $4.1 trillion. 


Moreover, it is estimated that the figures will reach $6.2Trillion by2028. Therefore, you could easily perceive the growth potential in this sector. The USA doctors earn the highest in the world. 


But the journey to attaining a degree in medicine is quite difficult. The most studious brains get a chance to be a doctor in the USA. 


There are reputed institutions where you can pursue this degree, and they include Harvard University, Yale University, and George Washington University of Medical School.

3. Business Administration

This is one degree that comes with high economic returns. Suppose you earn a business administration degree in the USA. 


In that case, you get to be at the helm of affairs in leading companies in the world, like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. 


According to findings, students from different countries in the world try to get into reputed US institutes to get a degree in business administration. The rise in demand for this course increased by 7% from 2018 to 2028. So you could easily understand the scope you have here. 

4. Computer Science 

Computer Science is a degree that makes you earn high. There are diverse areas where you can fit yourself with this kind of course. 


Especially when Artificial Intelligence and Augmented learning is opening new horizons of development, the industry requires tech experts. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Walmart are searching for great minds in computer science. 


Therefore if you successfully set your footing there, you literally bring gold; let us assure it.

5. Accounting 

Though this comes last on our list from the point of view of income opportunity, it is huge. 


Almost every medium and large business needs accountants to track its finances. Whenever a company discusses some investment opportunities, they take the accountants into confidence. 


Accountants are the doctors of money. They are well aware of its pulse. They direct the company about the feasibility of some investments. 


According to a USA study, there has been a massive growth in the requirements of accountants (The fastest growing career from 2019-2029, with a 4% increase). Every small, medium, and large-sized business needs accountants. If you get a degree in accounting, you have a great future ahead. 

Closing The Discussion 

Other than the ones discussed, some other courses are high paying and then include, Economics, Psychology, Criminology, Human resources, and Journalism. 


They are all challenging in their own realm. But if you get a degree, great fortunes await you with open arms.

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