Things to do in North Charleston, SC 2021

North Charleston is one of the landmark cities in South Carolina, and it is the third-largest city in the metropolitan state. Dear readers, we now turn our touring attention to this attractive city. This city is quite interesting to look out for as it is the only city in the United States to produce commercial airplanes and automobiles.

North Charleston is quite a blend and beehive of activities, perhaps because it has almost an equal black to white racial make-up, with whites currently 45% of the population and blacks 44%. The city also has a deep connection with the American slave trade hence some rich colonial sites. Ladies and gentlemen, here are the things to do in North Charleston, South Carolina.

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Best Views in North Charleston

What is life without beautiful scenery? Well, life would not be living, in my opinion. North Charleston is known for its 360 degrees views ranging from water bodies like oceans to skylines and marshlands. Here are some of the best views in Charleston.

  • Harbour Walk: Somewhere in a quiet part of 360 concord street lies the harbour walk. From here, you can feast your sights with great views such as Ravenel Bridge, the South Carolina port etc.
  • The Battery: Explore and enjoy some of the most wonderful views South Carolina has to offer. You can view the harbour, Mt. Pleasant, Fort Sumter.
  • The Joe:  The Joe is known for the Riverdogs, but you can catch some great views from there like the beautiful marshlands.
  • The Vendue Rooftop Bar: A rooftop bar will always be the most preferred choice for most people. It also has a spectacular patio where you can catch the views.
  • The Washout: This is a place found on Folly beach, and it was used during the civil war by the soldiers as a hideout and war zone. You can also see some other interesting sites from the washout.

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What to do in Charleston

 This is definitely one of your best sections in our publications. Charleston is no mean city regarding the availability of options and choice of outdoor and indoor activities. In this subtopic, we highlight some of the various and best options things to do in North Charleston.

  • Joe Riley Waterfront Park: Here, located on the popular Concord Street, you have a good public space for picnics and games.
  • Middleton: This is said to be the oldest and one of the most attractive landscaped gardens in the United States.
  • Fort Sumter National Monument: Earlier, we talked about Charleston’s affiliation with the United States Civil war. Here is one of the sites regarded as a museum or spot for historical study.
  • Battery & White Point Gardens: This is a beautiful garden where you can take your family and friends to and relax.
  • Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge: Looking for a site to hike? I will recommend his place because it is commonly used for this purpose.
  • Nathaniel Russell House: This is an ancient museum completed around the 1800s by Nathaniel Russell. It is an architectural masterpiece designed with the elegance of that era.

Living in Charleston in your 20s

This is surely going to be an interesting section. It is common knowledge that where you stay or live in your 20s could determine how the rest of your life goes. Charleston is a good option for young adults because of the lively and bubbly activities, colleges, and some of those things you will associate with young adults. We will wrap up the listing by serving you some of the best places to live in Charleston.

  • Folly area: If you are one to relax and have a cool out on the beach, then this area is one you should consider.
  • West Ashley: This is majorly a residential area, known for its international restaurants and relaxation centres.
  • Johns Island: Regarded as the largest island in Charleston, and it has some of the best beaches in the region.
  • Mount Pleasant: Known for its sometimes overbearing traffic jams (which is improving). It has some beautiful beaches.

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