The Many Upsides of Renting Furniture in India as Work-From-Home Becomes the New Normal

According to industry players, the concept of furniture rental originated in 2011, but took off in 2013 with a few start-ups catering to mobile young professionals, primarily in tier I cities. Work-from-home (WFH) has become the norm since the statewide lockdown in the latter week of March and is projected to remain for the foreseeable future due to social distancing conventions, making it uncomfortable for working professionals because most do not have decent office furniture. Learn about rent furniture in Ghaziabad through this blog. 

Hello to the sharing economy

According to an ET research, the global sharing economy has developed at an exponential rate. The drive to achieve better experiences by sharing resources has supplanted the concept of ownership. People are increasingly turning to renting anything from real estate to clothing. Appliances and furniture are no exception. It provides you with access to a variety of practical products without the hassle of purchasing and maintaining them.Do you know that you can outrank Zillow with Showcase’s NTREIS home searchYes, that’s possible with using their tools, plugins and services effectively. 

Major market participants

Furlenco, Rentomojo, and Cityfurnish are some of the most well-known furniture rental companies in India. Renting makes sense if you are in a circumstance that necessitates temporary living arrangements. You do not want to be plagued with EMIs and furniture that will be useless in the future. Moving furniture is neither simple nor economical. In the short run, inexpensive rents would be a better deal than huge payments for each item or piece of furniture. You may modify the design of your home at any time by upgrading your furnishings and appliances or swapping out a few items. If you own the furniture, you are responsible for its upkeep, however if you rent it, the service provider will do it for you.

Work from home

According to a TOI research, computer / laptop table and chair rentals have increased in recent months. “The benefit of renting furniture is that you do not have to invest a large amount of money.” We have added a new category to our website to meet the growing demand for work-from-home furniture. “Customers have a variety of table and chair alternatives,” said a customer relationship manager for a pan-India furniture rental company. “In Pune, our sales have increased by 40%,” he remarked.

Increased Pandemic

Many start-ups have been inspired to create novel designs in response to the increased demand for work-from-home furniture. “We specialise in design solutions.” When the lockdown was announced, we considered creating product designs. “We have 9 designs that have done really well so far,” stated a start-marketing up’s officer.

Keeping track

Drivezy, a Y-Combinator-backed vehicle and bike self-rental business, will soon begin assigning user ratings. It has formed alliances with furniture rental companies such as Furlenco and Rentomojo, who will utilise their user data to formulate a rental score’ system in the future. This will encourage consumers to take good care of rental furniture and pay on time.


In conclusion, for many people, acquiring new luxury furniture is not a practical choice, and furniture rental subscriptions are a safe and simple method to set up a temporary office at home. Learn more information on renting furniture and stay tuned for more on our website. 


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