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10 Best Things to do in Nisargadhama Coorg and Travel Guide!

Bamboo groves in Nisargadhama Coorg

Nisargadhama Coorg is an island formed by the River Kaveri. It is a sprawling 64-acre island full with lush greenery, Sandalwood, Teak trees, and Bamboo groves. The parks main attractions are boating experience, Elephant Ride, and camping in tree houses. Waking up in one of these treehouses overlooking the beautiful …

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Visit The World Capital of Yoga- Rishikesh!

Early morning Yoga- Rishikesh

Rishikesh is also called the ‘World Capital Of Yoga’. Rightly so, as it has many ‘gurus’ or teachers of the ancient practice of Yoga. Many ‘Ashrams’ or teachers of the ancient practice of Yoga. Many ‘Ashrams’ or Schools here teach Yoga and Meditation. Yoga and meditation make life wholesome, energetic, …

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Explore the Historical city of Mandu!

Ruins of Mandu

Mandav or more popularly known as ‘Mandu’ is an old city dating back to 6th Century BC. It is heaven for history lovers. It is rich not only in history but also in Culture. It contains the monument that inspired the design of the great Taj Mahal. It houses India`s …

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Gril mountain sunrise Places in IndiaIndia

Places in India: a great nation with amazing places. There is so much for one to explore and experience in this country. From culture to food, there is nothing that stands to the mark of India. One of the major tourist destinations in the world, India has a great to …

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Himachal Pradesh Beauty

Himachal Pradesh, the most sought out destination in India by tourists for getaways and holidays, is an extravagant treat and pleasure. From snow-capped sky kissed mountains to adventure roads, Himachal Pradesh gives you the best experiences a traveler can ask for.  Situated in Northern India, by the Western Himalayas, Himachal …

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DIVORCE.? Then what? Why peoples are choosing Divorce?

Why peoples are going Divorce

Why peoples are choosing Divorce? in Egypt, the increase in divorce rate is outstripping the marriage rate by 10% according to last year’s government statistics. The reasons for the increase in divorce are numerous. However, here, I would like to concentrate how wives can work to save their marriages rather …

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