Style Heels for women Casually Look No More Overdressed

How to Style High Heels Casually -Look No More Overdressed

Here is one thing about high heels for women -they are mostly reserved for special occasions when you need to be dressier -like at a wedding or on a date night. However, they serve to be highly versatile footwear pieces for women that you can add to your day-to-day style. If you do not wish your outfit to look over the top, you can consider borrowing style cues from influencers while pairing even casual outfits with high heels.  

Rather than always adorning them only with cocktail dresses or gowns, you can pair your favorite pair of high heels for women with almost any outfit -ranging from a casual t-shirt to your jeans, track pants, an oversized blazer, and so more. One of the best aspects of adding high heels to your dressed-down look is that it instantly helps in elevating your look without anything additional.

 Ways to Wear Heels Without Appearing Dressy 

Indeed, you love the feeling of wearing a new pair of high heels! It makes you feel feminine, stylish, and empowered. However, it can be daunting or intimidating in some instances.  

“Am I too overdressed for the occasion?” “Is everyone staring at me?” We hear you! However, you need not worry anymore! Once you are aware of different ways of styling high heels for women casually, you can put them on a daily basis without look overly dressy.

 How to Wear Heels Casually and Confidently? 

If you wish to flaunt your feel fashion casually, be in charge and confident! You are wearing the heels. Do not allow the heels to wear you. Stepping out in high heels is all about maintaining the right posture. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that you feel comfortable in the pair of shoes while being in your element throughout. 

Some essential tips to adorn your favorite high heels without feeling overdressed are:

Select the Right Shoes 

When it comes to women fashion, you can come across a plethora of options for shoes -available in all styles and shapes. The same theory applies for high heels for women. You can come across fancy stilettos, mule heels, pumps, block heels, plateaus, peep toes, and so more. All of them might appear similar. However, each one of them features a unique charm, purpose, and vibe. For instance, if you are putting on a casual look, you should not choose plateaus. Rather, you can consider choosing high boots, heeled ankle boots, mules, strappy heels, or even a classic pump.  

Now, let us discuss the color choices for your heels! Indeed, you would not prefer making high heels the center of attention -at least when you wish to be laid-back and casual. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid all colors that are popping out -including neons, hot pinks, reds, or other types of vibrant hues. For achieving a highly casual and sophisticated look, you can stick to color options like nudes, blacks, or beiges. In case you are feeling immensely confident, you can also go with plain white heels. 

The material of the shoes you choose also plays a vital role. Even with casual outfits, attractive sequin, glittery, or metallic finish of heels for women appear appealing. If you are in search of something out-of-the-box for your casual vogue, you can choose embellished options of high heels for women from Fizzy Goblet. On the other hand, a suede or matter finish will also be great.

 Understand the Types of Heels 

Some of the best options for casual heels are mule heels for women, platform heels, block heels, wedges, or even classic pumps. They offer ample stability and maximum support. Therefore, it is easier to walk around in them without feeling looked at or awkward throughout. Still, you can get along with a pair of stylish stilettos or a voguish peep toe if you know how to dress down your overall look. 

It is important to know that high heels for women are available in a wide range of sizes. You are not required to capture the highest 5” heels to be a part of the heel-wearing women’s club.

Style Your Outfit 

It is the most fun part! Styling your outfit right is the deal-breaker. A cocktail dress or a business suit will make your high heels appear glam. On the other hand, chunky knits and jeans will simply do the opposite while making you appear immensely casual and effortless. 

The trick here is to function on a statement piece of apparel -preferably oversized and glamorous. It will help in drawing the attention away from your heels while softening the entire look. You can consider a pair of ripped jeans along with a knit sweater, a flowy t-shirt, a chunky turtleneck, or a comfy teddy coat. As far as keeping it casual is concerned, do not hesitate in wearing high heels for women under your comfortable pair of happy joggers. You would absolutely love the entire look.

 Be Confident 

One of the most significant assets to your wardrobe is not something tangible or physical. It is your overall confidence to step out in high heels. It is something you can teach yourself. 

When you wear high heels, it elevates the overall style of your outfits. Ultimately, women appear immensely elegant as they walk confidently in their heels. With high-end confidence, you will not even notice the high heels. Everyone will notice how radiantly a woman appears with every step she takes in a pair of high heels. This is what you should aim at achieving -being casual and effortless throughout.  

Practice makes everything perfect! Put on your favorite heels and walk around the house before stepping out. Understand the concept of distributing your body’s weight and how you should center your gravity for maximum balance.


It will be of no use if you save up your favorite pair of high heels for your date night or a special occasion only. To avoid looking dressier, you can take relevant styling cues to wear your preferred high heels with the most casual outfits. 

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