Starting With Mongo DB Developer? Here Are the Top Online Courses In 2021

Among the leading databases of NoSQL is the Mongo DB developer course. This article will include some of the best online courses that a beginner in Mongo DB can join in order to learn the same so they can utilize it in their project. These online courses will teach you everything from the basic CRUD operations on Mongo DB which include deletion, updating, retrieving, and creation. You can also follow some tutorials and read a few books besides keeping these courses as your primary source for learning Mongo DB. 

  1. Udemy’s Complete Guide to Mongo DB For Developers

In 2021, this is the best course offered by Udemy for beginners to learn Mongo DB. The course takes a test-driven approach to learn Mongoose design and Mono DB to the candidates. It gets one up and running quickly with Mongo DB while teaching them the key knowledge they would require to have an in-depth understand and build applications centered around Mongo. It explains Mongoose JS advanced features, uses exercises that are test-driven, and are focused on Node JS. 

  1. Pluralsight’s Intro to Mongo DB Conducted by Nuri Halperin 

On Pluralsight, this would be the best Mongo DB developer course. Mongo DB is an open-source and very popular database of NoSQL. This database shine when speed and scalability are needed. This document database has drivers for numerous programming languages and imposes very little. The course teaches the methods of running mongo, querying and manipulating data and indexing for speed. It also arms one with the skills necessary in order to start using Mongo. 

  1. Udemy’s Complete Guide to Mongo DB – The Mongo DB Essentials 

With the help of Mongo DB Compass, Robomongo – Robo TB, and JavaScript Mongo Shell, this is another great course by Udemy for learning the database of Mongo DB. It will teach you the workings of Mongo DB behind the scenes. It purely focuses on Mongo DB Shell and Mongo DB. It begins with how to install Mongo DB and teaches you the process of working in Mongo DB Shell. This Mongo DB developer course explores and discusses JavaScript Engine used in Mono DB. It includes the primary data types of Mongo DB – Dates, Objects, Arrays, Numbers, Strings, and so on, and performs all kinds of CRUD operations – creates, read, update and delete. Finally, it teaches you the data types of BSON and JSON and goes further into their differences. 

These are the top three and best courses that will teach Mongo DB to both DBAs and Developers. Mongo DB is commendable, to begin with, in case one is looking to go towards NoSQL. These are hands-on courses that teach not only theory also include a variety of real-life experiences with Mongo DB. Some other notable developer courses of Mongo DB are provided by Academy 3T’s Mongo DB 201 & Mongo DB 101, Pluralsight’s Administration of Mongo DB by Nuri Halperin, Leading NoSQL Database: Learn Mongo DB by Udemy, and many more. 

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