Shaji Thirunakkara, Todays Hero of Social Media

Sometimes life is full of twists than a movie. Often happens in life is something unexpected. An incident happened on the last day at Kottayam Thirunakkara Temple. Her father had abandoned her daughter and had a wedding in front of her.

The girl absconding with the girl who was studying in the minor age is absconding. The girl’s parents told her the police no longer told her that the father’s father took her to his home and laid it up when the age was complete. But what happened was that something that happened to be nothing.

This is a good human being .. Shaji of Kottayam Thirunakkara… An elder son with a girl who studied with a minor age came to the police on the complaint of the girl, When the girl’s family asked her not to recuperate the unmarried daughter, she was taken with her daughter.

In the wake of the marriage. As time passed away, he sent him to abroad forbidding another love for his son. Years later, he returned and married another girl, his dad drove him out of the house.

A young man who had been gathered with her daughter found her hand and handed him over. This is not the place of the mother ..  big salute for Shaji Thirunakkara and his wife.

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