6 Most fascinating Russian castles to visit for an unforgettable experience

Russia is best known for its infrastructure, apart from its culture and hospitality. Construction of the Russian castles is so noteworthy and engineered so well, centuries of years ago. Seeing the Russian palaces, leaves every architecture amused, even today.

If you are a wanderer and planning your next trip destination to Russia, you are left with no other choice than to visit the palaces and remain stunned.

Here’s what you should miss seeing in Russia:

Grand Kremlin Palace

Grand Kremlin Palace

When you are in Ruse, Moscow is the city that no tourist will ever miss a chance to visit. And when in Moscow, do visit the Grand Kremlin Palance which is now open for tourists. This palace holds great importance as the tsars on Russia, once lived in here. By visiting this palace, you will actually live the Russian culture and will get to witness some retro Russian lifestyle. The things and accessories in the Palace will narrate a story of Russian culture and tradition

Winter Palace

Winter Palace is one of the Russian castles to visit for an unforgettable experience

The famous attraction of St.Petersburg. Winter palace is full of art pieces. You will fill up your heart and mind with these amazing art pieces. There are more than thousands of paintings in this palace that will make you pass your time with depth. Also, it is hard to see the entire palace in a single day. You will need to visit this place for at least 3 -4 days to explore to its maximum. The color of this palace is changing with the seasons. The palace was also repainted once. 

Saint Michael’s Castle

Saint Michael's Castle

Located in Saint Petersburg, Saint Michael’s castle is famous for its architectural building. The architecture of the castle is extra-ordinary. The habitats over there, believe the caste walls are still imprisoned with the Saint Paul’s soul. This story of the castle has brought it an extra significance. The interior of this castle is miraculous. The castle also exhibits many art forms from across the world. It narrates the culture of other great countries, cities, and emperors.

The Nikolaevsky Palace

Nikolaevsky Palace is the must-visit in Russia. The palace comprises several buildings. And each of it worth visiting. The premises convey the story of over 300 years of Russian formation. The civilization of Russia and its development to date is best witnessed here at the Nikolaevsky Palace. Also, the Palace also has a building that is rented for commercial purposes. Thus you will end up seeing the oldest and the latest buildings all at the same place.

The Peterhof Grand Palace

The Peterhof Grand Palace is the symbol of unity between Russia and Europe. Back then in the 18th and 19th centuries, Russia and Europe allied together to build a palace as such. The palace is truly grand, as its name goes. The rooms of Palace are spacious enough and the architecture of interior walls is mind-blowing. You can also witness the accessories and belongings of the great personalities that resided there, once upon a time.

Vorontsovsky Palace, Alupka

This castle is probably one of the most fascinating castles in the whole of Russia. Also known as Alupka Palace, this grand and mesmerizing castle is found at the valley of the famed Crimean Mountain, which is near to Alupka in Crimea.

It was built somewhere between 1828 and 1848, in the name of the famous and reputed Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov, at a surprising cost of approximately 9 million silver roubles, by a reputed architect Edward Blore. The structure itself considered as the English Renaissance Revival style of architecture. Hailed as one of the oldest monuments in this area, the Vorontsovsky Palace becomes a very popular tourist site.

Bottom Line of Russian Castles

There are a lot more places to witness in Russia. To visit Russia, you must come up for a month-long vacation. Hurriedly, the beauty of the place is missed and you will not able to soak in it completely. The beauty of the places like palaces and castles could be enjoyed fully only by spending time with and in it.

Are you planning your next tour to Russia? Which is the palace that called you? Let us know in the comments below – which all palaces are on your checklists? Also, do let us know if you would like to have additional information about any of the palaces above.

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