Points To Remember While Building Your Own House

Building a house, like buying one, is a one-time investment that is, of course, costly. Many of us have aspired to build our own independent homes. The thrill of owning your plot of land, constructing a structure to your specifications, and working with an architect friend to design the architecture sounds very appealing. Of course, a lot of hard work is required to make this dream a reality. The quality of construction is critical because it determines the life of the house.

There are two major steps to building your dream home. The first step is to buy land in a good neighbourhood, followed by hiring a contractor or a developer and building the house. Both steps necessitate meticulous attention to detail and careful planning.

Below are a few points to keep in mind while building your own house:

Gather Information

This is the most crucial step. The homeowner should conduct extensive research on the subject. The cost of building a house varies greatly depending on location, raw materials, structure, and design. You should also keep track of the costs of raw materials, labour, and design artefacts.

Find the reasonable cost of building a house – Determine the reasonable cost of building a house. This can be expressed in rupees per square foot.


The cost of a house depends on the design and quality of the products you choose, such as a modular kitchen, bathroom fittings and fixtures, flooring, electrical switches and fittings, painting, and so on. So, once you’ve finalized the budget, you must communicate it to the developer because it will determine the type of materials that can be used to build the house.

Cost Of Labour

The cost of labour should be discussed at the start of the construction. It is always preferable to finalize the cost of construction well in advance to avoid any kind of disputes later on or during the construction stages.  Construction costs may vary from city to city, and regions like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore might charge exorbitantly. House painters in Delhi, have a higher rate as compared to the ones in smaller cities Make certain that the developer provides you with a clear estimate of material and labour costs.


Ensure that your developer has all necessary approvals, such as no-objection certificates, a sanctioned plan, a structural report, and insurance, as well as letters from various departments, to build the house.

Construction Updates

Keep an eye on the construction. Make frequent visits to the construction site to monitor progress and to receive timely updates from the developer to ensure that no deviations from the agreed-upon construction plan occur.

Interior Plan

It is critical to keep your developer informed of your interior plans so that the developer can position the power points, water lines, lighting and interior designs appropriately. You can seek assistance from the designers and developers o  which paints to be used, Asian paints tractor emulsion is one of the best paints available in the market, however, the developers can provide you with other options as well.

Project Completion

The developer should provide you with a development schedule so that you can provide financial support on time as the construction progresses. You must ensure that all decisions, such as paint colours, fittings and fixtures, flooring selection, and so on, are made on time. Following completion, the developer’s team should provide you with any guidelines, manuals, instructions, or warranties that are required.

Building your own home is an intimidating task. It takes dedication, diligence, meticulous cost planning and tracking, and being aware of changing raw material prices.

However, when you finish your work and walk into your dream home, it will all be worth it!


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