Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s four biggest mistakes at Manchester United

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is no longer at Manchester United, and while most fans agree that this is logical, just a couple of months ago it looked like the specialist had a bright future.

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The Norwegian received a new contract, and United were proud of the second place in the table and the status of the league team. Now it is not even clear whether the “red devils” will get into the top four. But where did it go wrong? And what should Ole have done differently?

Dean Henderson in the Europa League final

David De Gea missed 11 penalty kicks in the Europa League final, allowing Villarreal to celebrate the victory.

While things like this are hard to foresee, De Gea hasn’t hit a penalty since 2016. The statistics at the club certainly could not be ignored, and there is little doubt that Henderson would have performed better. Winning Manchester United in that match, there would be less pressure on Ole. Yes, the decision is not obvious, but if the Norwegian were more discerning, he could still work as the manager of United.

Jesse Lingard and Donnie van de Beck

When Sir Alex Ferguson was manager of United, he had a squad to match the champions. Park Chi Sung and Darren Fletcher assisted the midfield, while Louis Saha, a striker capable of 15 goals in a season when he was in shape, sat on the bench with them.

Perhaps this was exactly what Ole was thinking, who kept Lingard and van de Beck in the new season. But Fergie’s days are over, and few people will be satisfied with the status of a spectator. The players want to play in order to be called up to the national teams, and with his thrift, Ole only increased the degree of pressure from his players and the press.

Buy a midfielder

Midfield is a weak spot for United and will never succeed without a defensive midfielder. There was time and money to plug this hole, but the coach spent it on other tasks. For example, he kept Paul Pogba, which could be sold. The decision to call Ronaldo is also not logically justified.

Re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo

For the team, the signing of Ronaldo is a step back, because with his appearance the balance, to which Ole has been striving for so long, was upset. Moreover: with the arrival of the Portuguese, the reputation and authority of the coach suffered, who seemed to be engaged in a long-term project and did not seek to buy expensive aging stars. And then again – and the team had to please Ronaldo, not their coach. The Norwegian did not have a chance to cope with the ego of such a star, and according to rumors, it was Ronaldo’s agent who insisted on the dismissal of the specialist.

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