NFT Comic Books: What The Future Actually Holds

Whether you collect comics out of nostalgia, financial gain, or pure love, you should be aware of the new trend: non-fungible token format comics.

The NFT makes it possible to possess digital versions of rare comics, expanding the collecting experience in new ways. As NFT owners, you will no longer be only passive faucets but rather will have a number of opportunities to actively contribute to the initiative. Therefore, you have the option of selling the comic for a profit or leaving the NFT to integrate into the larger digital landscape.

Today we will talk about what NFT comics are and what the future awaits them.

Why are digital comics so popular?

Well, the answer is demand. Ever more fans of comic art ask creative enthusiasts to draw in the digital environment. This is an overall trend.

But the artists are missing out that they lose the opportunity to sell original pieces of art. Although the digital file can be sold, the buyer can just duplicate it and distribute it to others. The value of the artwork declines when this occurs. So, obtaining the original piece is usually more beneficial.

How may NFTs alter the rules of the game for comic book creators?

The uniqueness of artists’ work has deteriorated in this “digital” age. Thus, according to buidlbee, many artists have found NFTs to be particularly appealing. Tokens allow them to become digital while also increasing the collectibility of that digital output (similar to the original).

Additionally, artists are paid far better for virtual copies rather than physical one. In reality, a comic book artist in the US makes an average salary of around $40,000, which is obviously not much given the sheer delight and excitement they bring to readers. At the digital space the stakes are much higher.

What are comics as NFTs?

Comic NFTs are non-fungible tokens of authentic comics. The way it works is that viewers may buy a digital copy of the comic by paying an edition-specific NFT. Fundamentally, NFT digital comics allow for the creation of collector-valued digital first or rare editions that are similar to rare physical copies.

People may now pay membership fees online to access all of their favorite comic book series, although this is more of a rental arrangement than a genuine ownership deal.

How can comic readers get involved in NFT comics?

Many digital artifacts and comics offered by companies such as Marvel are currently exclusively accessible on the VeVe app.

Notably, VeVe works with companies like Marvel and DC Comics. Marvel’s Thor #1, which debuted Jane Foster as the powerful Thor for the first time, was published by VeVe in July 2022.

By providing a range of cover options, VeVe Digital Comics has continued the tradition of printed comics. These types are divided into categories like Common, Rare and Super Rare. The secondary market minimum prices of some NFT comics have increased as a result of the tremendous demand for these collectibles.

After purchasing a comic through the VeVe app, you may read it with the VeVe Comic E-Reader and exchange it on the VeVe secondary market.

VeVe’s digital comic may also be viewed in augmented reality. Find a level surface and follow the program’s instructions to enjoy the wonders of AR comics.

Wrap up

NFTs shook up the comics business, but they also boosted the digital comics market for both authors and large corporations. Marvel and DC, the two major players, have the framework, initial relationship, and infrastructure to get into the market, and it will be intriguing to watch where they go from here. Furthermore, artists that develop their own comic book artwork will discover new clients and marketplaces to promote their work. The process of comics NFTizing will be pretty lengthy, and there are several concerns with comics that have yet to be printed. However, it’s better for collectors, traders and crypto investors to keep an eye on new releases of digital comics and crypto comics.

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