How To Prepare For CUET and Board Exams Together?

Recently the competitive measures of the globe have been stabilising with numerous opportunities. For a student getting a bountiful career perspective is of utmost necessity to dart their goals as per their demand. So, career polishing is a major initiative that every student should learn from the beginning of their academic journey. The faster the preparation is, the result will be comprehensive and appealing for a child.

Nowadays, undergraduate programs have become the amplifying factor of a student’s career. If they start igniting their passion for a reputed university to secure their undergraduate program, their future will have a great foundation. CUET, the abbreviation for Common University Entrance Test, is the proliferating examination that will assure students of getting admission to major and famed universities of India through their merit scores.

But the following entrance test requires vigorous preparation with the ultimate guidance of professional tutors or coaching centres. Most students get confused about their determined preparation as they want to score well simultaneously in the CUET and their 12th board examinations. 

It can add great value to ramp up CUET and your board examinations to excel in your career venture. But first of all, you must be prominent about your hard work and determination as the examination needs thorough practice and devotion to every topic. The countdown is accelerating vastly for both examinations, so let us determine some compelling preparation tips through which you can succeed in both fields simultaneously. 

You must follow these consistent tips for cracking the CUET and getting good grades in board exams

CUET is a significant approach for most students as around 90 universities and 45 central universities are associated with the exam to give admission to candidates in several undergraduate courses as per their scores. Day by day, the essentiality of the following examination is increasing. But, you can also forget the tough base of the 12th standard, as you need to perform well in your board exam. So, here we are enlisting some valuable tips that you can follow to balance your preparation techniques for CUET and boards. 

Segment your syllabus

The initial step of simultaneous preparation for CUET and boards is segregating the syllabus. The board exams generally require a syllabus amalgamated from the 11th and 12th standards. Usually, the question paper comprises indirect questions from the following syllabus only. So, while preparing for your boards, you need to mark the important topics that can be common for both examinations. Pay your soulful attention to the basic and common topics and balance your techniques to solve the problems quickly and efficiently. 

Reference books

If you want to score well in both exams, only going through the syllabus books is not enough. You need to go for reference books like NCERT, as most of the questions of CUET come from here only. Accelerate your basic practice, be quick with your methods, and be pumped up with resource books to not miss any crucial topics. If we talk about the board exams, then strictly go for the subject-related references without hovering over a pile of books. 

Go for the basic topics

You need to strengthen your foundation with the right strategies to crack any examination. Understanding the basics of the topic will make you achieve success efficiently. Go for standard books to understand the level and sub-divisions of the particular topics. Moreover, you can make short notes and pointers to be acquainted with the subjects. Knowing the basics will make you solve many complicated questions as you are prominent in your academic foundation. 

Make an efficacious schedule

Carving a potential schedule is of utmost essential for a student who is preparing for both exams. The schedule should be curated in such a manner that you should be able to give proper timing to both the exams’ subjects. The timing proportion can be changed per the topics’ importance. First, you need to give more time to your board exam preparation as it will be conducted earlier than the eligibility tests. 


Always dart on your revision

Practice and revision are always said to be the key to success. You should be highly firm about your revisions if you are preparing for CUET and your board examinations. You should revise the major topics and points that are highly mark-fetching. Along with this, the revision will amplify your speed and techniques for solving questions. Let us get into some major points for you to revise.

  • Consider all the crucial topics that you need to prioritise.
  • Abide by the strategies to cover the topics.
  • The topics you are finding difficult should be revised more.
  • You can practise previous year’s questions and mock papers for better perusal and managing time.
  • Go through the important questions and topics of the previous year’s paper.


To sharpen your future with great opportunities, you must polish your present by preparing for your boards and competitive exams like CUET. The preparation must be balanced properly to achieve great results in both examinations. So, the tips mentioned above will help you understand the exams’ value and how you can balance your course effectively. 

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