How to Do Market Research Transcription

The world has gone digital especially in the business sector. The power to convince customers to purchase your products and services must also be high for your business to grow. Customers wants something they can easily understand for them to be lured into your business.

When carrying out market research, you need to ensure you use a content that is understood by majority of customers and prospective customers. Your need to do a translation of any recorded and live audios to written context. That will help to consider even those who don’t understand recorded audios such as the deaf and those who just prefer written content. That is because customers have their preferences that vary from one person to the other.

If you are a business owner and worrying how to go about that, you don’t need to worry. Below are some of the ways:


An interview involves a conversion between two or more people where an interviewer asks questions as the other person or group answers. It may be through TV interviews, sales calls or podcast. When the interview is done on market research and is recorded in audio form, not every will get the message.

By converting the audio to written content through audio transcription, you will cover a large audience. You may also write the questions you are going to ask instead of asking them live. In the field of market, you will meet people with different capabilities and preferences. Therefore, it is important to cater for that early enough to increase the efficiency of your market research. That way, when carrying out the interview, you can ask someone whichever method they are comfortable with whether written or audio.

Focus Group

Although many people prefer group conversations in audio format because of one reason or the other, there are still people who doesn’t like it. That brings about disparity in the market field. To cater for that, it is important to convert the group conversations into written content. You can also upload the video alongside its written content.

The transcription services will help you achieve the market research objectives easily. Through the written context, the exact content of the respondent and moderator are clearly understood. Market research transcription has helped many businesses gain a lot by expanding the market of their products. You can also be one of such businesses.

Phone interview

Phone interviews is one of the most common ways of carrying out a market research. It involves making a phone call directly to the person to be interviewed. You ask them several questions about trends in the market, market gaps and any improvement required in the market.

Such kind of phone interview can also be converted into a written text form to cover a larger audience. Phone interview conversions is one of the most common trends used in market research. Through translation services, the whole interview can be easily converted into a text. That can act as a backup for your audio interview which is either recorded or live. The conversation between the interviewer and the responded will now be in text form.

Shop along Transcription

The conversations along the shop can also be converted into written content and kept going in the store without the need to take notes. The conversations will involve a word for a word when you decide to transcribe the conversation. That can help save time and energy that would have been used it talking.

When doing the shop along conversation, you may also meet different people with special needs such as the dead who have the inability to hear. By transcribing the conversation, they will be well catered for and you will not have to skip them in your conversation for fear of not understanding or cooperating. By doing that, you will cover a large audience within a short time and get the survey you wanted. You will therefore achieve your objectives within a short time.


When carrying out an ethnography interview, a lot may happen to an extent that all you need is a written content. That is where converting the whole conversation into a written content comes in. Written content will also have some added advantages you may fail to get with an audio.

All you need to do is to send the audio from your facility or from your own file transfer platform. While doing so, you don’t need to worry about security as your password is highly protected. There will be a proper co-ordination with your facility to make the conversion easy. That will enable you achieve the survey faster than you imagined.


Market research transcription is a good move that every business should adopt. You try the means listed above and you will be sure to notice a great change.

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