How to Create an Event Highlights Video That Will Attract Attendees

Every organization’s annual calendar includes various events. For those who haven’t been to the event, an event highlighting video marketing displays the experience of what it’s like to be there. It’s a high-octane cut with exhilarating music that captures attendees’ actual feelings about the event. As a business, you’ll want to get the most out of all your event planning efforts. Using films to create event highlights teasers will expand your event’s reach and encourage more people to attend.

Localized events have been more accessible than ever before, thanks to video content marketing. You can now assist in capturing your brand’s greatest live events and activations and then sharing them with an exponentially bigger audience online than could potentially attend in person. So, you are in the right place if you are looking forward to the steps to how to make a highlight video guide for you.

  1. Decide the Type of Highlight Video

There are two sorts of highlight videos for events:

Highlight Recap Videos

After an event, these videos are prepared to provide viewers with a peek at the most memorable moments. Such films generate attention and inspire more people to join in following seasons for recurring or yearly events. The greatest moments from the event are captured in these films and shown to a bigger audience.

Highlight Teaser

The highlight teaser is created before the event and gives a sneak peek at what’s in store. These are intended to persuade potential guests by discussing the event’s unique features.

Knowing what sort of event video to make can aid you in properly planning your event highlights film.

  1. Make a Plan

Because live events are inherently impromptu, you might think you can bring in a couple of camera operators and let them wing it. However, the opposite is also true: Event videos demand the same amount of preparation and pre-production as typical videos, if not more. Make a detailed map of your area ahead of time, keep a strict timeline, and make sure that everyone in your team is aware of their roles. Remember that, unlike a regular video shoot, calling “cut” if someone botches their take is not an option.

  1. Use High-Quality Footage

A highlight video for an event is only a few minutes long. As a result, when constructing it, use the best, highest-quality video possible. Your event highlight film may quickly be ruined by shaky footage, low-light pictures, and inaudible audio. To ensure that you have a high-quality film to add to your video, capture many b-roll footages. Isn’t this a fantastic way to open your event highlights video? A Time-lapse shot of your event venue filling up with attendees, emphasizing the size of the crowd, is also a great idea.

  1. Feature Testimonials from Real People

Including real-life testimonials in your video can give it more credibility. Consumers believe user testimonies and reviews. According to a study, 90 percent of purchasers said that reading good customer success information affected their purchasing decisions. Prospect guests by displaying great evaluations from previous attendees – emphasize their pleasant experience and invite them to describe the portions of the event they enjoyed the most. Include excerpts of a few testimonials in your event highlight video, even if it’s only 60 to 90 seconds long.

  1. Edit Together Your Video

If you’re comfortable with video editing tools, you could put your event promo together yourself. However, if you’re new to this, don’t be concerned. Apps provide current pre-made templates that may be adjusted to match your video’s desired style and feel.

Explore their large collection of niche-specific templates, pick the one you prefer, and start altering the film frame by frame. Click the “Media” button to import actual video into a specific frame or browse the stock picture collection. You may also use the “Scenes” option to swiftly and conveniently add or remove frames.

  1. Customize Your Video

You can add all of the exciting finishing touches to your event advertising film once you have a rough edit.

  • Text: Subtitles, notes, quotations, and anecdotes are all useful ways to enhance the atmosphere of your movie. Text may also be utilized to provide important information like the time, date, and location and provide textual commentary for social media users who view videos without sound.
  • Palette: Change the colors of your video to match your brand’s visual identity. You may choose from a list of suggested palettes for each design or develop your own depending on your brand’s colors.
  • Filter: Specific graphics can change their filters by pressing them once and selecting the “Filter” option. Whether you’re going for a dreamy washed-out effect or a black-and-white vintage mood, there are a variety of filters that may make your images sparkle and bring them all together for maximum impact.
  • Music: Whether fun and energetic or classical and elegant, include music throughout your film to create an atmosphere that draws in your target audience. Choose from a wide selection of clips in the Boosted collection that are appropriate for every situation.
  1. Keep It Consistent

When capturing several components of a live event with numerous cameras, it’s critical to double-check that all of your videos are artistically and technically consistent. Establish your white balance in advance rather than relying on each camera’s “automatic” option for a clear, consistent shot. Determine any unique considerations that must be taken due to the venue’s lighting, particularly outdoors or otherwise inconsistent, before the shoot so that the entire team is prepared.

  1. Believe in B-Roll

Don’t put down your camera until you’ve checked off every frame on your shot list! During a live shoot, b-roll videos like images of the crowd may assist build context for the event, make scene transitions smoother, and cover up any cuts you might have to add in post-production. And believe us when we say that there will always be unanticipated issues to deal with while making an event film.


So, this is the best guide for how to make a highlight video. To encourage people to mark the date for your forthcoming event, make a creative and captivating video. This film, which is more appealing than text, can entice consumers to sign up for additional information and, eventually, purchase a ticket.

You can ensure that your event video comes together as naturally and successfully as possible by following these seven guidelines. Don’t let anything stand in the way of reaching out to a new millennial audience to make your event video now and discover the potential of content marketing.





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