How to become a doctor in India after 12th without NEET?

In India, BDS and MBBS are some of the most preferred medical courses right after 12th. However, there are several other medical courses that you can consider pursuing without applying for the NEET exam. If you wish to become a doctor in India, you can pursue a number of medical courses without NEET. Thankfully, there are several institutions across the country that offer access to medical courses right after the 12th without qualifying for NEET.

Aspirants who are preparing for the medical entrance exams and tests in India should know about medical courses without NEET to become medical professionals.

There is no denying the fact that the overall level of competition for NEET examinations in the country has increased. Therefore, medical aspirants nowadays keep looking for alternate options for medical courses without the need to qualify for NEET. To be clear about courses that medical aspirants can opt for without sitting for the main medical entrance exam, these candidates should be aware of possible medical courses without NEET.

Becoming a Doctor in India without NEET

There are multiple options available wherein medical aspirants can look forward to pursuing a lucrative career without sitting for the NEET entrance exam. Some of the leading medical courses without NEET 2022 are Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Biotechnology, Nursing, Biomedical Science, Psychology, and so more. Aspirants can also look forward to earning lucratively without sitting for the NEET exam.

Some leading career options that can be pursued without sitting for the competitive NEET exam in 2022 are medical lab technologists, phlebotomists, physician assistants, nutritionists, and so on. These candidates should be aware of the fact that they will not serve as proper MBBS Doctors without NEET. Still, there are several benefits of pursuing a myriad of lucrative medical careers without opting for the NEET exam.

Eligibility for Medical Courses Without NEET

Medical aspirants who wish to pursue a lucrative career right after 12th without sitting for the NEET entrance exam are expected to fulfil specific conditions to be eligible for the same. The eligibility criteria include:

Possessing Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics
Completion of 12th Class with minimum percentile requirement
Entrance examinations in specific universities
Enthusiasm to excel

Leading Medical Courses Without NEET

Applicants should know about relevant medical courses to which they can apply without sitting for NEET. Candidates are expected to fulfil the mentioned conditions for eligibility to apply for the courses right after the 12th. Some leading options for medical courses without NEET are:


It is a leading professional course that will make candidates willing to serve humanity with the help of medical treatment. In addition to treating humanity, nursing courses like B. Sc. Nursing or Bachelor of Science in Nursing deliver additional qualities of immense care, patience, and affection within candidates.

In most cases, Nursing is available as a professional course of 4 years in the field of medical science. Once students will graduate from a professional Nursing course, they can look forward to pursuing a successful medical career by serving as an RN or Registered Nurse, Staff Nurse, Medical Coder, Nurse Educator, and so more.

Nursing is one of the leading medical courses that you can opt for in the medical field without sitting for NEET.


It is regarded as the study of different subjects falling under the domain of pharmaceutical science -including medical chemistry, drug safety, industrial pharmacy, drug discovery, and multiple other subjects. Aspirants who wish to become professional pharmacists can select a Bachelor of Pharmacy or B. Pharm as the undergraduate or bachelor’s degree program right after the 12th.

B. Pharm is a famous undergraduate subject that is taught after 12th to deliver knowledge about the fundamentals of pharmacy. Upon completing B. Pharm, the aspirants have multiple lucrative career options. Right from the private sector to government-based institutions or even setting up one’s own pharmacy business, candidates can also look forward to becoming a professional drug inspector, chemical technician, pharmacist, health inspector, and so more.


It is regarded as the study of different treatments implemented through physical pressures or forces -including mechanical pressure, heat, mechanical forces, electricity, and so more. Physiotherapy is regarded as a rewarding career option in the field of modern medical science without applying for NEET.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a leading undergraduate programme in most medical institutions. In this course, students get the opportunity to understand the body’s physical movement toward curing patients’ ailments and disorders. After completing BPT or Bachelor’s of Physiotherapy, students get access to a wide range of lucrative career options like special schools, health & fitness clinics, physiotherapists, and industries for industrial health.

#Veterinary Science

The medical course is associated with the study of medical diagnostics. It is also concerned with the study of the treatment of diseases of all animals. Aspirants who wish to study and learn about veterinary sciences should opt for the Bachelor in Veterinary Science course right after the 12th.

It is a famous undergraduate degree programme that does not require clearing NEET. The course typically lasts for around 5.5 years, along with a mandatory training period of six months. Graduates of Veterinary Science can advance to become professional doctors while getting employed in animal surgeries. They can also serve the roles of a veterinary surgeon, veterinary pharmacologist, associate veterinarian, and veterinarian neurologist.


Psychology is regarded as the scientific study of human behaviour and mind. The course comprises of multiple subsets like sports, human development, social and clinical behavior, cognitive processes, and so more. Aspirants after 12th standard without qualifying for NEET can opt for BA or Bachelor’s of Arts Honors in the field of Physiology.

It is a full-time undergraduate course of three years. Upon graduation, aspirants can easily search for the desired job opportunities in both government and private sectors.


If you wish to pursue a successful medical career right after 12thwithout sitting for NEET, there are multiple career options to choose from. Make sure you conduct proper research on your potential career opportunities to ensure maximum success.

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