Electrical Switches and Their Types


Electrical Switches and Their Types

Electrical switches are one of the most important parts of any electrical circuit. Without them, it would be impossible to turn on or off appliances, lights, and other electric devices. Electrical switches come in many different forms: they can be mounted on the wall or floor. Also, they can have a variety of different shapes and sizes. They may even have multiple poles (e.g., double pole) or throw (e.g., momentary) actions that help control electric current flow through circuits with more than one load device (e.g., light fixtures). 

In this article, we’ll cover some common types of electrical switches used in residential applications today, along with examples showing how each type operates.

Types of Electrical Switches

  • Toggle switches

Toggle switches are the most common type of switch. They are used to turn things on and off, such as lights or the radio volume. Toggle switches can also be used for heavy machinery in industrial settings.

These switches are usually located in a circuit breaker box and simply allow you to turn on or off an electrical device without touching that device yourself. You simply move the toggle lever up or down as required by moving it across one of its two positions: “ON” or “OFF.”

  • Rocker switches.

Rocker switches are similar to toggle switches, but they have a rocking lever instead of a toggle lever. These switches are used for on/off functions. They come in different sizes and shapes, including round and square, with or without caps, etc. 

The next time you flip up the cover of your light switch box to replace an old light switch with a new one that has some fancy features like timers or dimmers, take note of what kind of rocker switch is inside that box.

  • Slide switches.

The slide switch is a type of electrical switch which can be used to control the power flow in a circuit. It consists of a slider, which moves along a surface. The position of the slider determines whether current flows through the circuit or not.

Slide switches are often used in appliances and equipment that require high precision, such as electronics, computers and other machines that use electricity.

  • Pushbutton switches.

Pushbutton switches are a type of switch that is operated by pressing. These switches may be used for many purposes, including controlling machines and appliances such as light fixtures, coffee makers, and washing machines. They are also used in home automation systems for turning lights on or off remotely using a smartphone app.

Pushbutton switches are easy to operate because they require no moving parts and can be mounted flush with their enclosure surface so that no visible gap exists between the switch button and its housing when depressed.

  • Rotary switches.

Rotary switches are used to control power to appliances. They have a knob that is turned to select different positions. Rotary switches are used in many different applications and can be found in the household, industry and even transportation. They often operate on a timer or with a remote-control device.

Avail the Right Services

Electrical switches are devices that are used to control the flow of electricity. They are a necessity in our homes, businesses, and factories. They allow us to turn on and off power at the flip of a switch. Electrical switches can be found in about any shape or size imaginable, from exceptionally large industrial equipment to small handheld devices like smartphones. 

There are many different brands offering electrical switches. So, make sure to choose the right products and services.


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