Best Places to Visit in Sangla Valley -Complete Travel Guide

It’s constructed on a slope using all the home rising one over another; the spectacle being closed from the colossal Raldang peaks towering behind. The woods scenery all-around along with the snow peaks are scenic. The journey from Karcham forward is adventurous and enjoyable through the valley.

The scenery all around and also the snow view is scenic and enchanting. It’s found in the famed Baspa Valley. All of the Baspa Valley is among the prettiest valleys mainly because of the flat terrain and green plant on the slopes that aren’t so steep.

In Tibetan, the expression Sangala signifies”pass of light” that describes the valley getting sunlight throughout the daytime. Snow clad mountains encircle you and you also get to find the Kinner Kailash summit. Even the Baspa River flows through the valley and that’s the reason it’s also referred to as the Baspa Valley.

Among the very charming shore in the entire Kinnaur District, Sangla Valley is the ideal escape from the hustle-bustle of those swarming cities. It’s named after a gorgeous village by precisely the exact same name.

Baspa River additionally makes its way throughout the area, meandering and gurgling, famous for salmon fishing. The place is dotted with different attractions from sculptures and temples to neighboring villages which makes it a wonderful holiday destination.

Sangla Valley Himachal Pradesh Map

How to reach Sangla?


The closest airport is at Shimla, 224.2 km. from Kalpa. The airport is linked to a lot of big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, etc.. The cabs and taxis are readily available from outside the airport into Sangla.


The nearest railway station to the village is Shimla (224.2 kilometers ). It’s one of the more important channels connecting to a number of significant cities such as Delhi. Hire a cab or have a bus out of here for Sangla.


The street may be your very best choice to achieve Kalpa if traveling out of a town not that way off. The streets are handily assembled and rescue the tourists out of the hassle of picking more than 1 mode of transportation. The path to Sangla is inhabited with beautiful panoramic scenery and will consequently make this trip an affair you will bear in mind.

The HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) has regular bus services in the nation Capital Shimla and neighboring countries including Delhi, Punjab, etc.. Travelers may also take a private possessed bus from Delhi to Sangla. There are many intra-city bus services that you can avail from different neighboring cities in the country. You will take 1) Delhi >Shimla >Rampur >.

Local transportation in Sangla

Aside from trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing, it is easy to sail inside the region by local taxi or cab services. But plan your trip based on the year. Don’t journey during monsoon because of a large number of landslides and bad road conditions.

Fresh Berries at Sangla

fruits in sangla valley himachal pradesh

Sangla is a gorgeous place with a huge array of trees and flowers growing everywhere. They create the valley appear more surreal, more resplendent, and refreshing. The something which makes Sangla Valley a popular place is the abundance of fresh fruits.

A lot of men and women develop them on their farms. Several other palatable fruits such as walnuts and apricots may also be found here. The fresh Baspa river flows throughout the valley, and it’s the chief source of irrigation for those farmers. Sangla is regarded as among the most polluted regions of India. Therefore, the fruits which grow here aren’t contaminated by any sort of compound, and they’re quite healthy to eat.

Restaurants and Local Food in Sangla

But with a substantial number of Buddhists living there, an individual will largely find Dhabas serving famous Tibetan dishes such as Thukpa, momos, and dumplings, etc.. Aside from that, eating joint choices are rather limited.

Sangla Valley Weather

Kinnaur Valley is a joy for cool-calm-collected weather! While from the months of winter Kinnaur Valley, Sangla witnesses the attractiveness of unique snowfall and heart-warming scene of snow-capped mountains!

Winter weeks in Kinnaur see tonnes of snowfall and Sangla fever in the downside is a frequent phenomenon. Expect anywhere from -05 oC into -15 degrees C on a winter visit to Sangla Valley. Summer is generally cool and also the temperatures generally average between 10-25 degrees C.

In North India, the center of July until August has been monsoon months, and it can rain everywhere, from moderate showers to extreme rain. Kinnaur Valley isn’t the location at which you’d love to go to in monsoon.

What’s the best time to See Sangla?

All in all, the climate of Sangla is very pleasant throughout the year, even though the winters are inclined to be somewhat harsh. Summers are hot but the heat isn’t actually scorching. The monsoon season from the valley brings a much lesser volume of rain. The winters, not advocated as a visiting year, are really cold with the temperature between 10 and -10 degrees Celcius. Stop by Sangla in Falls or monsoon to learn more about the location to its finest, but if you’re seeing during winters, be sure to take a woolens.

Additionally, during the rainy season, one has to be careful because sometimes this area has cloudbursts which lead to exceptionally heavy rain. But this only occurs sometimes.

Best Places to Visit in Sangla Valley

1. Kamru Fort

Kamru fort Sangla Valley

Located in the scenic Solang Valley, Kamru Fort is a portal site into a cosmopolitan area. The distinctive 3-story wooden fort is a 15th-century architectural marvel. The fort has been developed to a temple devoted to Goddess Kamakhya. The idol of the goddess is put on the third floor and is thought to have been attracted from Guwahati. The temple has enormous religious importance one of the natives.

2. Bering Nag Temple

Place to visit in Sangla Valley

Among its type, Bering Nag Temple retains a spiritual significance among individuals. The temple is devoted to Lord Jagas, a Kind of Lord Shiva. It’s constructed with timber and may be deemed an architectural marvel in olden days. Each year in weeks of August and September, Phulaich Fair is celebrated from the temple that makes it a more interesting appeal. It’s 2 kilometers from Sangla Village.

3. Chitkul Village

chitkul village - places to visit in sangla

Chitkul is a little hamlet within this area of Himachal Pradesh. The interesting fact about the village is it is the last inhabited village near the Indo-Tibetan border. The charm and beauty of the village are not any under a fairyland. It’s situated 20 kilometers from Sangla. There’s a temple of a local goddess, Chitkul Maathi, that retains enormous importance for individuals from Kinnaur district. This village encounters heavy snowfall in winters.

4. Baspa River

Baspa River
Baspa River

Sangla Valley is occupied on the side of the powerful Baspa River. The lake is surrounded by the colossal Himalayan ranges. The perspectives across the banks of this river would be to die for. An individual can get much different fish from the freshwater of the river. There are baskets dangling over the river that function as a way of river crossing from the villagers. Have a small’you-time’ sitting by the side of the gorgeous river considering life.

5. Tibetan Wood Carving Center

Tibetan Wood Carving Center

In the event you’re interested in a souvenir to return out of the own stride, Tibetan Wood Carving Centre is the place to be. You’ll discover items made from wood with elaborate carvings in Tibetan Style. There’s a screen of a variety of amazing objects which are available for sale. The center is located on the outskirts of Sangla near the Saffron Farm. It’s among the popular sightseeing areas in Sangla.

6. Batseri

Hotel Batseri Sangla
Hotel Batseri Sangla

Batseri is just another hamlet within this area that’s famed for its panoramic beauty and local handicrafts. The village is situated 8 kilometers from Sangla. Why is it a must-visit would be the Himachali shawls and Kinnauri caps. Trout Farming can be widespread in this area that isn’t to be overlooked. Additionally, get pine nuts and chilgoza in the village.

7. Brelengi Gompa

Brelengi Gompa

Whenever you’re in Himachal, you need to go to the monasteries here. Brelengi gompa is a gorgeous monastery near Sangla which you may go to. It was started in 1922 from the Mahabodhi Society to carry out the Kalachakra ceremony. There’s a 10 m high statue of Lord Buddha near the monastery. A good deal of individuals sees this nice Buddhist monastery to look for tranquility and calmness.

Things to do in Sangla


Stay in the numerous camps which are located on the Baspa River banks. Camps like Banjara, Kinner, Igloo Nature, Baikunth Adventure Camp, and also the Sangla Valley camps Provide kayak and cabin accommodation.


Love undisturbed walks around the valley where you get to respect the abundance of fauna and flora such as orchards, cedar trees, and fir trees to mention a couple. These walks may be achieved each day.


Adventure actions like rappelling, rock climbing, river crossing are supplied from the camps.

Treks really are a fantastic alternative if one needs to pay both the valley and the surrounding regions. An individual can get to find the amazing Kinner Kailash peak up-close throughout the trek. A trek one ought to try is your Rakcham trek. There’s a glacier trek that will take you into the snowy areas of the hills. There are a few camps and tour operators that arrange yoga retreats. What better way to perform your yoga when surrounded by stunning mountain views.

Miscellaneous Things to do in Sangla

For people who adore angling, the Baspa River is famous for its trout. The lake has crystal clear waters and you can quickly spot the hens. For people who don’t need to indulge in fishing, subsequently looking in the gorgeous shoals of trout is a fantastic experience.

There’s a monastery near by which you are able to go to.

A lovely blossom wood carving center has extremely exquisite carvings of different items. There’s a lot of fanfare involved involving traditional dances and tunes. The Kinnauris wear their traditional costumes and perform specific rituals because of their deceased loved ones.

There’s a trout farm that’s been produced by the Ministry of Fisheries. Here, one has to see the gorgeous trout floating in enormous baths.

There’s a saffron farm situated on the outskirts of town.

Visit neighboring areas like Chitkul that’s the last city on the Indian boundary, and the Tibetan border starts. Additionally visit Batseri, Karchem, & Kalpa, all of which are situated near Sangla.

A visit to the Baspa Dam Reservoir is vital since it provides beautiful views of those placid waters of this river.

Attempt the apples which are grown. They are quite sweet and succulent. Stop by the Sangla Market and purchase local spices and in the event that you can find it then attempt to purchase a number of the standard clothing. Taste some of their food. Since it a very small city, the purchasing and amenities are extremely basic.

There is lodging available at the numerous camps here in Sangla.

Simple Plan to Visit Sangla

Day 1- Start the day with a few new fruits at your breakfast, and prepare for a religious retreat. Head to Kamru Fort to comprehend the spiritual perspective and architectural heritage of Sangla. Subsequently, see Bering Nag Temple.

Day 2 – The afternoon will be devoted to visiting the local village of Chitkul. It’s the last village on Indo-Tibet boundary and is an scenic village which can cut you off from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Day 3 – Go to the Batseri village and become enchanted by the raw beauty of character. Batseri village is quite calm and is the ideal spot for meditation and other religious experiences.

Day 4- Go to the meadows of Sangla, enjoy the heat of sunlight, and get prepared to depart this beauty city beneath.

Nearby Hotels in Sangla

1. Samaa Resorts Chitkul Heights Sangla

  • Couple Favorable

This 3 Star Resort at Sangla is situated in Chitkul. Complete Address of land is currently Sangla-Chitkul Road, VPO Chitkul, Teh- Sangla, Dist- Kinnaur (View On Map). This Resort has 4 Out of 5 Rating at which 5/5 for Security & 4.6/5 to Location & 4/5 for Hospitality. Key amenities of the property are Restaurant & Power Backup & Yard.

2. Kinner Camps sangla

  • Tours and Treks
  • Bonfire
  • Kitchenette

The location of this Camp is Batseri (Batseri Sangla Valley, District Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh). It is a 3 Star Camp with general Rating 4.7 Out of 5 at which 5/5 for Location & 4.9/5 to Food & 4.8/5 to Hospitality. Top Facilities of the Camp are Tours and Treks & Bonfire & Kitchenette.

Hotel Batseri

  • Couple Favorable
  • 4.7/5
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Parking
  • Outside Sports

This 3 Star Hotel at Sangla is situated in Batseri. The complete Address of land is currently Village Batseri, Tehsil Sangla, Distt Kinnaur 172106. This Resort has 4.7 Out of 5 Rating at which 5/5 for Hospitality & 5/5 for Child friendliness & 5/5 for Facilities. Key amenities of the property are Complimentary Wi-Fi & Free Parking & Outdoor Sports.

3. Zostel Chitkul

  • Tours and Treks
  • Amusement
  • Luggage Storage

Location of the Hostel is Chitkul (VPO Chitkul, Sangla, District Kinnaur Close Thakur Guest House, Chitkal, Himachal Pradesh 172106). Top Facilities of the Hostel are Tours and Treks & Entertainment & Luggage Storage.

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