Best franchise ideas in the food industry

Are you looking for franchise opportunities besides the usual choices like lal path franchise or something in a new sector? Are you planning to open up a food franchise in India? If yes, then don’t worry we have the answer to all your doubts and questions. Our team has shortlisted the most profitable food businesses demanding the lowest investments and highest profit margins. We are here to help you to choose the best franchise for your money.

  1. STARK BISTRO – coffee shop

Stark Bistro, a coffee shop with multiple outlets in Mumbai, has been one of the best-performing food franchises in India over the years. Founded by Kushal Pal Singh and his brother, it offers high-quality coffee, desserts and pastries that are baked in-house daily. The brand is known for its signature “Stark”, which is made from premium European beans sourced from Italy, Germany and France. It also offers a wide range of teas from India and around the world.


  1. BUBBLE RUSH – tea restaurant

Bubble Rush is an Indian chain of bubble tea shops which sells a wide variety of drinks including milk teas, fruit teas and soda pops. These drinks come in different flavours such as mango strawberry pineapple or chocolate cherry among others. They also serve other snacks like noodles and rice cakes along with a variety of desserts like crepes and cakes among others.

  1. THE JUICE ART – juice and desert parlour

Franchise Opportunities: Juice Art is an innovative franchise with a mission to promote healthy eating habits. The brand is a popular choice among people who want to stay fit as well as have a fun time with their friends and families while sipping some tasty and natural fruit juice

The Juice Art franchise opportunity includes a chance to own your own business, which will provide you with full training, support and marketing. You will be working alongside like-minded people who love what they do. Your customers will appreciate your commitment to delicious fresh food, which tastes great and helps them lose weight or maintain their ideal body weight by eating right foods that are made from natural ingredients. This is one of the best franchises for home-based entrepreneurs who want to start their own business without having any big expenses like rent, staff etc.

  1. SHAKES AND CREAM- dessert chain

Shakes and Cream is a popular Indian dessert chain. Founded recently, it has grown to be one of the top brands in the country. The brand offers a wide range of shakes and desserts across various categories like soft-serve, frozen and liquid ice cream. It has several outlets across India and has a strong presence in South India. Its menu includes a variety of flavours like strawberry, chocolate chip cookie dough, cookie dough etc.

  1. RITAZZA – coffee shops

RITAZZA is a chain of coffee shops in India. It sells Italian coffee, cappuccinos, lattes and other drinks to people during the lunch hour. The company is looking for franchisees who will open their own RITAZZA stores and expand the brand’s footprint across India. RITAZZA offers a business opportunity to anyone who is interested in starting a business on their own or with help from an existing partner. There are no special skills required to become an owner of this franchise; however, it does require you to have at least some experience working with food as well as knowledge of the Italian market. The cost of getting this franchise is significantly less than a subway or a dominos franchise cost in India hence definitely worth checking out.

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