Bahrain Beaches – The Complete Travel Guide 2020

Bahrain Beaches are the main attraction of this island country. Bahrain is an Arab state, that is situated on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf. This country is an archipelago that consists of 30 smaller islands.

The name of this place came from the Arabic term “al-Bahrain”, that means two seas. Bahrain is all about its beautiful beaches. So, if you are planning for an exciting holiday, then you can choose the Bahrain beaches as your holiday destination.

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Being an island Bahrain is decorated with so many public and private beaches, where tourists can enjoy an exciting holiday. This place is known for being a liberal Gulf country. So, when it comes to public beaches, there are particular dress restrictions. For men, it’s long shorts to enter the beach.

Women should keep covered their knees and shoulders. For private beaches, everything is allowed except nudity. The private beaches normally belong to hotels and cater to tourists. Before going to the Bahrain beaches, there are so many things that you should know about Bahrain first. 

Bahrain Beaches – Bahrain view

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What is Bahrain famous for? 

1. Bahrain Pearls 

Bahrain is a small archipelago, situated in the Gulf region. The main attraction of this island country is Beaches. Apart from the public and private beaches, there are so many things Bahrain is famous for. Pearls are one of the famous attractions of this place. 

2. Shopping

Bahrain shopping is one of the best attractions in this region. Manama that is the capital of Bahrain, has many luxury malls that let you access many international and premium labels.

bahrain life style

From food courts to traditional cafes, from boutiques to supermarkets, from play areas to cinemas; this entire place has something for everyone. Apart from the luxurious malls, there is also local souq, where you can get the flavor of local culture. 

3. Adventure & Entertainment

When it’s about experience and entertainment, Bahrain always holds a significant place. This island nation offers an extensive list of adventurous activities.

The adventurous activities include Go Karting, indoor skydiving, 4×4 Land Rover experiences, quad-bike rides, etc. Recently the nation has introduced Pearl diving and the World’s first underwater Theme Park. There are also many adventurous water activities that make this place so attractive. 

4. Modern Lifestyle

Bahrain is famous across the world for its modern lifestyle. The city speaks of the rich history of Dilmun civilization. Bahrain is the perfect spot for every nationality such as; Europeans, Americans, etc. There are also so many clubs and bars that are an essential part of a modern lifestyle. 

bahrain beaches
Bahrain beaches – Bahrain WTC

What to do in Bahrain?

Bahrain is a perfect nation that offers an unparalleled combination of entertainment, leisure destinations, and cultural adventures. The best time to visit Bahrain is from November to February as in this season; the country offers tons of exciting experiences. 

  1. You can visit the Wahooo Waterpark, which is one of the most futuristic and modern waterparks in the Middle East region. You can enjoy multiple games, slides, rides, and pools in this waterpark.
  2. Go to the Magic Planet that is a whole world of magical entertainments. Magic Planet is full of so many engaging and exciting adventurous rides, games, and a futuristic 4D theatre. If you are looking for a rush of adrenaline for your kids, then this place is perfect for them. 
  3. Bahrain has a rich cultural history so that you can go to Bahrain’s Mosques and Old Houses. Here you can experience the unique architectures. You can visit the Bahrain Fort that is considered as the site of the ancient capital. 
  4. You can enjoy the excellent nightlife here in Bahrain. This country offers a rich and happening nightlife. Bahrain’s nightlife is not only about bars and pubs; instead, you can enjoy in the vibrant music scene and the exotic restaurants. 
  5. You can visit the Azizia Bird Kingdom, which is the home of more than 70 species of birds. This bird kingdom contains over 500 birds. 

Apart from all these places, you can laze on the beaches, visit the International Circuit, go for pearl diving, visit the world’s largest underwater theme park, go for a jog at Dohat Arad Park. 


Is drinking alcohol is legal in Bahrain?

In Bahrain, you will get alcohol only in hotels and only by private licenses for selling purposes and to non-Muslims only. You can’t drink alcohol anywhere in Bahrain as in Bahrain, drinking in public is illegal. So, if you drink alcohol, you may be thrown behind bars. 

Is Bahrain safe?

Bahrain stands in the 11th position among the safest countries in the world. In this country, violent crime percentage is low, and tourists usually don’t face any safety concerns.

Though the crime rate is low enough in Bahrain, still theft is a random concern in this country. So, when you step outside, it’s better not to wear expensive accessories. 

Is Bahrain safe for females?

For women, Bahrain is an enough safe country, generally. Still, there are some dress restrictions. There is a threat to the political situation in Bahrain. So, if you are traveling to Bahrain, stay updated with the news.

Women have to wear long-sleeved clothes and long skirts or trousers. They can carry a scarf while visiting a mosque. During political unrest, women should not visit Bahrain.

Is Bahrain a rich country?

There is no doubt that Bahrain is a rich country, even it stands among the richest countries in the world. Bahrain has oil wealth, and this country has spread its economy into heavy industries.

Bahrain has the central banking hub for the Persian Gulf and also has a center for Islamic finance. This center for Islamic finance has been attracted by the strong framework for the industry.

Why is Bahrain so rich?

For most people, living in Bahrain, life is perfect. There are some units that afford to wield luxurious lifestyles. Bahrain country became so rich due to its discovery of oil on the island waters in the middle of the 20th century.

It led the country to huge developments. Bahrain became famous for cross and transport trade, and the voters became instinctively stooped to have interaction in trade.

The realm of Bahrain features a long industrial history that reflects the economic culture that is seen within the country in the present years. 

Is Bahrain oil rich?

The discovery in Bahrain can help this island country to improve its fiscal and economic strength. Bahrain is famous across the world for its oil industry.

Natural gas and Petroleum are the only natural resources of this country. For limited reserves, this country has worked to expand its economy over the past decade.

Presently, Bahrain has stabilized oil production at around 40,000 barrels on a daily basis. It means this country can reserve this oil for approximately 10 to 15 years. So, it is evident that Bahrain is an oil-rich country.

Beaches in Bahrain

After knowing the basic information of this country now, we will discuss on the Bahrain beaches. 

Public Beaches in Bahrain

Here is the complete list of all public beaches in Bahrain.

1. Zallaq Beach Bahrain

The Zallaq beach is one of the popular public beaches in Bahrain. The Zallaq beach is also known as the Jazayir beach. This beach is located at the end of the Gulf of Bahrain Avenue.

Zallaq beach is often visited by the locales of this country. This is a public beach; hence you have to maintain proper dress code. On Fridays, this beach gets so crowded. The Zallaq beach Bahrain is located near the F1 circuit. 

2. Amwaj Beach

Amwaj beach is not strictly a public beach. A lot of people gather at this beach on weekends. For Jet Ski lovers, this beach is very popular. This beach is considered as one of the most popular places in Bahrain and is ex-pats alike at the front of the Floating City. 

3. Arad Fort Beach

Arad Fort beach was open in 2008. This beach is an excellent place for a picnic and a paddle; still, it is more like a beach park. There is a paved area on this beach for walking and games. It’s not like, a typical swimming beach. You also can stroll around the Arad fort that is one of the oldest sites in the Middle east. 

4. Hidd Beach

Hidd beach in Bahrain is famous for swimming and picnicking purpose. This beach is located at the opposite of Prince Khalifa bin Salman Park. This beach is popular for gaming. You can get an excellent view of the sunset here at Hidd beach. 

5. Bahrain Al Beach

Bahrain Al Beach is another beach famous in public beaches in this country that gets busy on Fridays. It is very popular for traveling purposes so that you can travel here with your friends and family. The Bahrain Al beach is located near the F1 circuit. 

6. Bahrain Karbabad Beach

This is another beach in Bahrain country, which is an excellent place for picnicking and evening walks. Bahrain locales often gather at this beach. 

7. Malkiya Beach

Bahrain is surrounded by water. Malkiya Beach is one of the best public beaches in this Bahrain country. This beach offers jet ski and boat rides to the visitors. Malkiya beach is a very populated beach in Bahrain.

Local people very often visit this beach. There are play areas for kids on this beach. This beach is also combined with so many food stalls that provide local food items and freshly made corn, packaged food, etc. 

Bahrain Private Beaches

Here is the complete list of all private beaches in Bahrain.

1. Bahrain Ritz Carlton Beach

You can visit a truly urban hotel and resort to the Ritz Carlton Beach, which is one of the most captivating luxurious private beaches of this country. Guests can luxuriate in luxurious villas with the view of turquoise Arabian Gulf. 

2. Bahrain Yacht Club Beach

Yacht Club Beach is located in Sitra, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in this country. There are clean and good restaurants on this beach. 

3. Bahrain Coral Bay Beach

The Coral bay Beach is located near HOORa. You can get a Club, restaurant, and spa facility at this beach. On weekends the Coral Bay Beach gets crowded.

There are also some pools at this beach, where you can rent Jet Ski, kayaks, and banana boats. On weekdays this beach costs 5BD, and on weekends or public holidays, it costs 8BD. 

4. Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort Beach

Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort Beach is a small private beach in the Bahrain country. Non-hotel guests can visit this beach on weekdays.

It costs 20BD for singles, 35BD for a family including two adults and two kids under 12 years. For couples, you have to pay 25BD. Non-hotel guests can get a pass to free access to the gym, pool, jacuzzi, and sauna. Hotel guests only can visit this private beach on weekends.  

5. Bahrain Hawar Islands Beach

Bahrain Hawar Islands is also one of the best private beaches in Bahrain country. This beach is favorite to bird watchers. This island beach consists of 40 standard rooms, 16 furnished apartments, 45 chalets, and four two-bedroom suites.

Hawar Islands Beach has easy access from Manama, the capital of Bahrain. For families who look for the perfect holiday destination, the Bahrain Hawar Islands Beach is perfect for them. You can get fun and relaxation at this beach. 

6. Bahrain Jarada Island Beach

Jarada Island Beach is one of the best attractions in Bahrain. This beach is made of golden sands, clear water, and clean sand. This beach is the best place for swimming. You can ride a speed boat at this beach. 

7. Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Beach Sea & Spa

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Beach is one of the most luxurious beaches in Bahrain country. You can experience an outstanding resort at this beach. This beach is considered as the most beautiful beach in the world.

Thalassa Beach is perfect for families who look for a fun day outing. It costs 20BD on weekdays and on weekends you have to pay 30BD. Charges applicable for both families and couples. 

8. Golden Beach Bahrain

Golden Beach is the first rock-free beach in this country. If you are tired of hurting yourself by stepping on stones during swimming on the beaches, then you visit this rock-free Golden Beach in Durrat Al.

If you have got your beach towels and swimsuit ready, then you can visit the Golden Beach. It costs 5BHD, and fore pool access you have to pay more. 

Islands in Bahrain

Being an archipelago, Bahrain is surrounded by so many islands. When you visit the beaches in Bahrain, you also have to get knowledge about the islands of Bahrain. Here is the list of “Islands in Bahrain”.

1. Sitra

Sitra is an island located in the Central Government of Bahrain. This island lies in the south of Nabih Saleh and Manama. The western coast of this island forms the boundary of Tubli Bay.

The northern part of this island has been changed into an industrial area. In the south of this island, the Bapco oil storage reservoirs are located. 

2. Hawar Islands

The Hawar island is a group of islands that are situated on the west coast of Qatar in the Gulf of Bahrain. This island is also considered as a Ramsar site.

The Government of Bahrain applied in 2002, to have this island to be recognized as a World Heritage Site. This island is also home to various wildlife species and an exciting place for divers and birdwatchers. 

3. Nabih Saleh

It is also one of the famous islands of Bahrain country. This island lies in the Tubli Bay, which is located in the east of Bahrain island. Like Sitra island, this island is also covered with date palm groves and farms. Though, presently this island is suffering from deforestation.

The name of this island was named after a Shia Muslim scholar, Shaikh Saleh, who lived here. Hundred of his devotees visit his grave on the island. 

4. Muharraq Island

Muharraq is the largest island of Bahrain. This island is named after the Muharraq city, which was the former capital of Bahrain. There are three causeways that connect Manama and Muharraq Island. 

5. Jidda Island

Jidda island is an uninhabited islet in this country. This island is situated on the west of Bahrain Island, and it is connected to the Umm an Nasan by a causeway. This island used to be the location of prisons in Bahrain. But later it became the private property of Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa. Jidda Island is made of limestone cliffs. 

Apart from these five beaches, there are so many islands in Bahrain that include Reef Islands, Umm an Nasan, Umm as Sabaan, etc.  

More things to know while visiting Bahrain Beaches

bahrain beaches

How to reach Bahrain?

There are many transportations to reach Bahrain, where you can visit the Bahrain beaches. Still, the most preferred transportation is by air to reach Bahrain, particularly for those who don’t have a lot of time to travel. 

How to reach Bahrain by Air?

The Bahrain International airport serves as the focus for its national carrier Gulf Air. If you don’t have enough time for traveling, you can surely choose the airway to reach Bahrain. There are daily flights available from major cities such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Oman Air, Gulf Air, Fly Dubai, Sri Lanka Airlines, etc. 

How to reach Bahrain by Road?

If you want to get a cost-effective journey to reach Bahrain, then you can go for the road trip by Bus. SAPTCO offers proper safety and comfortable buses that will take you to the Islands country, Bahrain. From Riyadh, eight buses run daily to Manama.

You need to reserve your seat beforehand as the seats get filled up quickly. It will take four hours or more to reach Manama. The one-way cost is 60 SAR, and if you choose a round trip, it will cost less.

You have to bring your passport to getting a reservation. Both US dollars and Saudi Riyals are accepted for payment purposes. As in this route, you will cross the border; you need to carry a passport. 

How to reach Bahrain by Rail?

Saudi Arabia is the closest country to Bahrain. This distance between these two countries is approximately 415 kilometers. You can get trains from the capital city Riyadh to Dammam.

You have to leave the train at Dammam, and there you can rent a taxi that will take you to the SABTCO bus station where you will get buses that take you to Bahrain. Though this route is time-consuming and complicated, still you can go for it. 

How to reach Bahrain by Water?

Apart from Airways, railways, and roadways, you also can go to Bahrain by waterway. There are luxury cruises available that can take you to Bahrain. 

How to reach Bahrain from India?

If you are from India and want to reach Bahrain, there is only the airway that will take you to Bahrain, the country of islands. You can get flight services from cities such as Mumbai, Kochi, Delhi, Chennai, etc. The most economical airlines are Air Arabia and Fly Dubai, as they offer well-booking services at low prices. 

Best time to visit Bahrain

In Bahrain, summer stays from June to October. In this time the average temperature lies between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. During the summer, it will be hot and humid.

best time to visit in bahrain

So, it is recommended not to visit Bahrain in the summertime. The winter in Bahrain remains from December to March. During these times the weather remains delightful.

The average temperature at this time lies between 14 to 25 degrees Celsius. So, naturally, the peak tourist season or the best time to visit in Bahrain is the months between November and March. You also can visit this country during Ramadan, which is a significant Muslim festival. 

Where to eat in Bahrain?

There are several places in Bahrain country where you can get delicious food. Golestan Iranian Restaurant, 400 Gradi, Jashan, Takht Jamsheed, are some famous eating destinations in Bahrain where you can enjoy excellent cuisine.

There are some Indian restaurants such as Nattinpuram Restaurant Bahrain, Spices Restaurant, etc. where you can enjoy your Indian meal. 

 Hopefully, this complete information and guide will help you while you are visiting the beaches in Bahrain.

Public Beaches in Bahrain

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