7 New Things to Do in a City as a First Timer

It’s easy to get caught up in the tourist traps of a city. All you have is your experiences and some recommendations from friends. But after you have been there for a while, it becomes easier.


However, there are so many things for a first-timer to do, apart from playing at online casino, that makes you feel like part of the community, whether you are staying in an Airbnb or at your hostel. 


Here are seven new things I had the pleasure of doing during my first visit to Toronto:


1. Rent a Kayak

Renting a Kayak can be one of the best ways to see a city from a different perspective. If you’ve never been on a kayak before, it may feel intimidating at first but. This activity is so much fun!


It’s also an excellent way to appreciate your surroundings and experience what life must have been like for earlier settlers. You can learn more about their historical sites, such as Fort Saint Louis or Fort Nassau. 


Both these locations were important during colonial times when pirates roamed these waters looking for prey.


2. Eat Where The Locals Eat


If you’re looking to eat some of the best food in your city, try somewhere local. There are plenty of options: from a restaurant that serves traditional dishes from around the world(like Thai or Mexican) to a market -you can find it all in a city.


There are also plenty of food trucks and cars on city streets serving delicious food. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new beyond burgers and fries, there are plenty of options.


3. Go To Food Fairs and Markets


One way to experience the city is by going to food fairs and markets. Food festivals are a great way to sample local specialists you may not have tried before, especially if you’re from out of town.


Food festivals are also a great way for first-timers and locals alike to find out where the best food can be found in their area. So don’t miss out on these opportunities!


4. Ask a Local Where They Like To Go

Ask a local where they like to go. You’re in the city, so it’s time to get out and explore. Ask one of your new friends what their favorite place in town is and see if you can make it there.


Ask a local where they like to eat out or order delivery from services such as Eat24 or GrubHub.This inquiry will allow them to mention some secret spots that are off-the-beaten paths but still highly rated by locals.


5. Take a Walking Tour


One of the best ways to experience a city is by taking a walking tour. The guides know so much about their city and can tell you all sorts of exciting details that you might overlook on your own.


Tour guides also have an intimate knowledge of its history, something you don’t think about until you hear it from someone else! If you’re new to any place and want to learn more about people’s lives, then going on a walking tour is worth doing.


6. Stay in an Apartment Instead of a Hotel


Staying in an apartment instead of a hotel is one of the best ways while you travel. It can save money, give you more freedom, and make your trip more comfortable.


Staying at an apartment will allow you to get acquainted with its neighborhoods and perhaps make friends. You can also cook dinner instead of hitting up every restaurant.


7. Find Out What’s Happening On Your Trip


You might have just missed a significant festival that happens every year, or you could be there right when something big is going on. If you’re planning, sites like Time Out and 24 Hours Guide can tell you what street fairs, concerts, and art shows are happening.


For something more surprising, check out the local paper for in-depth coverage. When we’re traveling, we love to flip through magazines in the airport, as they have neat guides to the city from a local perspective.


Bottom Line


So you want to know what things to do in a city as a first-time traveler? Well, we can’t promise that all of these will appeal to everyone, but they’re great ideas for anyone looking for something different.


If you’re not a tourist but still want to feel like one, many things can help make the experience more authentic. You can go on an organized tour and have an expert explain everything about the city.

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