5 Pros and Cons of Coworking Spaces

Working from home might not be the utmost fertile arrangement for you, especially if you have been in office space throughout your whole life and now are expected to change your comfortable productive routine for the sake of remote work. For the likes of you and the startups that don’t have huge financial backing, coworking spaces are popping rapidly in every city. Not only employees, but self-employed individuals, mostly the ones who provide paper help, where you can purchase research paper, are also considering coworking places as their offices for more productive output.

Coworking spaces are nothing but an effort to emulate a shared office to those who prefer a working place with coworkers. Like every arrangement, working spaces also have pros and cons associated with them.


The advantages of coworking spaces far outweigh the cons.

1. Much Affordable than Leasing:

If you are trying to set up a small business with employees that need an office, coworking spaces can be the initial alternative if you don’t have the budget to lease and decorate a dedicated office space. As coworking spaces allow multiple individuals, organisations, or companies to set their shop in the same place, they are much affordable than leasing.

2. Low Initial Setup Expenditure:

Although you need to bring your own laptops and other peripherals, coworking spaces generally include other amenities like Wifi and Electricity in their package. More organised coworking spaces also keep meeting lounges and snacks options available to the companies and individuals. Keeping your employees happy with opulent office supplies in their working space is quite important for optimum output.

3. Working Community and Sense of Companionship:

The most fundamental ‘this is not working’ complaint about remote work is the absence of companionship. Family persons are generally more prone to avail remote work than those who are not. If you are like me, you must love to have one or more companions around you while taking a break and not get bothered while working. Coworking spaces partially fulfil the objective. They provide a place to socialize or even generate leads, but not having a set of rules can be detrimental.

4. Increasing Competition and Improved Opportunity:

Coworking businesses are gaining traction exponentially – increasing 24 percent every year, which only means that more and more people like you and me are opting for coworking spaces than working alone at home. Consequently, there must be several new spaces opening up near you that provide better service and are more affordable to you. With better service and a cheaper package, you will soon be wanting to get a quotation from your nearest co-working space. 

5. Flexible Membership:

Most coworking spaces let you be on a flexible membership which can be stopped and resumed at any point. Although settling on a stable environment for productive work is a good idea, not everyone enjoys the same old office setup every day. A flexible membership plan lets you keep changing your work environment every few months in alignment with your preference. 


It’s not all sunshine and roses with working spaces.

1. Coworking Spaces are Expensive:

Despite working spaces being cheaper than leasing an office, for you, being a self-employed person, it can still be out of budget. For a business, working spaces provide a package deal to house all or most of their employees, but for an individual like you, who works alone, it can soon evolve to be a liability.

2. Nosy Neighbours:

Not everyone keeps their nose out of others business. Just as in a regular office environment, you might bump into individuals – you are sharing your coworking space with – who will be much keener to help you out than minding their own. Moreover, working spaces might distract you more than usual. Working in coexistence means overhearing other meetings and being distracted by the arguments of others. Even if you might not want to, you will be distracted and disturbed in a social environment.

3. Limited Opportunity to Customize:

With a service, comes the clause. Coworking spaces are widely popular due to the very nature of non-customizability. You get a ready workspace for yourself. There’s no way any coworking space is going to cut you some slack to hang your own wallpaper on their wall or bring your own set of curtains. 

4. Privacy:

No can do. Privacy is out of the question in a coworking space. Although, you can pay more to get an office, private seat, or even a private lounge – subject to availability, privacy is not guaranteed. Any time, anyone can hijack your private conversation or secret business meetings, which obviously negates the point of it being secret. 

5. Not Pet Friendly:

Most, if not all coworking spaces forbid having pets around. If you already have familiarized yourself with your belovedpets. It’s going to be a lot more stressful to leave them behind alone. You would need to train your pet from scratch if they are equally not ready to leave your side.


Just like every other setup, coworking also has its ups and down. Choose according to your convenience, and if you need help with your creative writing while working alone, here are the best KP writing service you can take help of.


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